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Isla del Rey S.A
Address: Los Condestables 390 – Niebla · Casilla 6-D · Valdivia · Chile
Phone: (56)(63)282171
Fax: (56)(63) 282179

Our Mission:
At Isla del Rey, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering only the finest seafood products.
Isla del Rey, “King’s Island”, a leader in the Chilean fishing industry, is located in one of the most picturesque areas of the South Pacific Coast. Given the extraordinary geographic conditions, Isla del Rey began its operations in 1988 by establishing its headquarters, main processing plant and port facilities in the town of Niebla, in the province of Valdivia. The company has grown steadily and formed strategic alliances to vertically integrate its operations from sea extraction to market distribution. In the year 2011, the 50% of the company property was a bought by empresas Reutter S.A , which is the owner of Cisandina Chile S.A , one of the most important trade companies in Chile, which sale many varieties of chilean fish, shellfish and custaceans, to the European, North American, Asian and South American markets.

Today, Isla del Rey has processing facilities in Niebla and Puerto Montt, and opened in August 2003 a new plant in the city of Porvenir which is nowadays fully operational. The company has increased its extraction capacity in order to fully utilize its processing facilities. Isla del Rey employs over 200 people – highly skilled managers, technicians and administrative personnel carry out the company’s daily operations. This vertical integration allows Isla del Rey to maximize its cost-efficient function and thus maintain a competitive edge in the international markets. Isla del Rey delivers to its clients one of the widest varieties of seafood products from the South Pacific Coast.

Our own Fleets   
Isla del Rey’s equity participation in Pesquera Polar enhances the ability of the company to provide its clients with a larger and wider variety of seafood from the
Chilean south Pacific coast. A highly trained and experienced crew mans each vessel and on-board processing is carried out under high quality control standards. From the pristine and ice-cold Antarctic waters The vessels extract, seafood delicacies of superior flavor and texture. Among the most sought-after products are the Chilean sea bass and Chilean King Crab.

State of the Art Processing Plants
We can process and package your order any way you like it!
We can deliver fresh products overnight from our daily catch or can process any product – in accordance with your specifications – we can freeze it, vacuum pack it, or smoke it.Our facilities include I.Q.F. belts, freezing tunnels, smoking chambers, packaging and sealing systems.

Isla del Rey Products

Fin Fish
• Golden Kingklip
• Chilean Sea Bass
• Smoked Salmon

• Kingcrab
• Snow Crab
• Stone Crab

• Mussels
• Octopus
• Sea Scallops
• Trophon Top Shell

• Sea Urchin

• Smoked Salmon



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