Zhuxian Seafood Processing Co. Ltd (Seafood Export & Import)



Zhuxian Seafood
Zhuxian Seafood Processing Co. Ltd (Seafood Export & Import)

Address: Ganyu Economic Development Zone, Ganyu, Lianyungang, 222100 Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86 518-86317190
Mobile Phone: +86 18605188343
Fax: +86 518-86317190
Skype: simoncheung82
Email: lyg.seafoods@gmail.com
Website: http://lygseafoods.wordpress.com

We are an ocean-going fishing, manufacturing, low-temperature warehousing and logistics and export within the core of international companies, the Head Office was established in Jiangsu Province at, specially all kinds of aquatic products and related products marketing business.

Since its founding date, efforts to create its own brand, product development and actively to build a base and channel marketing within foreign, and thus enhance a wide range and depth of product supply chain.Marketing network throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Iceland, Britain, Italy and Africa and other parts of the world. The company is self-fishing, processing, warehousing, logistics and marketing business layout, effective vertical integration of industry and improve the overall competitiveness of the Company In addition to the manufacturing of frozen aquatic products are also actively developing all kinds of frozen fish prepared foods, and gradually increase the value-added products and tastes change. make the ingredients more innovative and delicious seafood, such as multiple choice. We uphold our professional management, quality first, the spirit of service-oriented and business integrity and business objectives, a further step towards the goal of world-class aquatic professional supplier.

Fresh Product
shrimp, salmon fillet, yellow fin tuna, bonito, yellow tail.

Frozen Product
salmon fillet, yellow fin tuna, bonito, yellow tail.

Value Added Product
salmon fillet, yellow fin tuna, bonito, yellow tail.




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