Frigorificos de Vigo,S.A.



Frigorificos de Vigo,S.A.
Address: Puerto Pesquero Dársena 4 Aptado. 1123, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
Tell: +34 986.44.71.00

Specialists in frozen food since 1940

Frigoríficos de Vigo S.A. started its activities in the 1940’s as an ice factory. A short time later its first cold chamber was built in the Port of Vigo, becoming the pioneer company in the conservation of fresh and frozen goods. Nowadays, Frigoríficos de Vigo S.A. is a model in the national frozen food industry, due to its two freezing facilities (Berbés 1 and Berbés 2), with the most modern technology available.

Since its establishment, Frigoríficos de Vigo S.A. is synonymous with quality, being granted the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard certification awarded by BVQI España and the IFS certification granted by Bureau Veritas. The company enjoys great prestige in the frozen food industry due to its exhaustive experience in the elaboration, sale and storage of sea products. Its main goal is to ensure client satisfaction by providing them with the best service and first quality products.

In compliance with the regulations related to storage, processing and sale, Frigoríficos de Vigo has a Quality Control Department, which ensures maintenance and compliance with all related laws in order to reach the highest quality standards.

The cold stores of Frigoríficos de Vigo have a storage capacity of 10,000 tonnes distributed among 9 chambers with automatic mobile shelves which are adapted to EUR-pallets, American pallets, cage pallets and box pallets.

8 loading docks are available for loading and unloading.

The chambers are equipped with the latest computer system in order to manage stocks and the 24-hour temperature control and with an intranet service in order to manage stocks, check inventory in real time, send delivery notes and invoices, receive orders, etc.

Frigoríficos de Vigo has an innovative and efficient elaboration room, which can be used by the company’s clients and has been designed for processing fishing products. This room has an elaboration capacity of 500 tonnes per month.

lt has 2 continuous tunnels for freezing and ice glazing processes, as well as two trimming lines for big and small pieces, automatic sorting lines, packaging line (bag, tray, shrink wrapping or vacuum packing), cephalopods processing area and octopus cooking facility.

Frigoríficos de Vigo has 3 static tunnel freezers with a freezing capacity of 60-75 tonnes per day.

Since its establishment, Frigoríficos de Vigo has worked in the manufacture and sale of flake ice with a production rate of 200 tonnes per day. The company has systems for direct loading to the ship and ice sprinklers for trucks, as well as assisted retail sale.


For over 50 years, Frigoríficos de Vigo has worked in the sale and processing of octopus and is present in the main fishing areas: Morocco, Galicia, Portugal, Huelva, Mauritania and Senegal.

In accordance with a strict control and selection process, the company directly manages the purchase and elaboration of the raw material at source, in order to ensure the best quality of the octopus.

Main products for sale:
– Block frozen octopus – Land and sea
– IQF octopus – Land and sea
– Octopus in tray – Elaborated
– Octopus in flower shape – IQF and shrink wrapping
– Cooked octopus – Tentacles and whole



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