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Grup Balfegó
Address: Polígon Industrial Les Creuetes Edifici Balfegó S/N AMETLLA DE MAR (L’) Tarragona
Telf: +34 977 047 700
Fax: +34 977 457 812
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The Balfegó Group is a company set up by cousins Manel Balfegó and Pere Vicent Balfegó, both of who have been bluefin tuna fishermen throughout their professional lives. It is now the market leader in the catching, storage and commercialization of bluefin tuna in Spain. Passion for a job well done, a spirit of sacrifice and a flair for innovation and development have come together to enable the fifth generation of fishermen in this family to make this project a reality and bring it to life.

Bluefin tuna has always been the mainstay of this family’s trade and it has always been closely linked with the history of L’Ametlla de Mar. The Balfegó Group has managed to combine a long tradition of fishing with a strong commitment to the future of the trade, striving for sustainability, hand in hand with research and innovation, setting the standard of responsible management in the 21st century.

:: Fifth generation of fishermen.
:: The first to commercialize its fish from origin to the end consumer.
:: The first transfer of live tuna into the Mediterranean.
:: The first license for purse seiner fishing of bluefin tuna.
:: The first to verify spontaneous bluefin tuna reproduction.
:: The first to propose management and monitoring measures with the aim of wiping out illegal fishing. The measures were adopted and are currently in force.
:: The first to trace individual tuna electronically, in each and all of its parts.
:: The first and only company to manage its catch documentation electronically at all stages of fishing, transport, caging, processing and commercialization.

The catching, feeding, study and commercialization of bluefin tuna as part of a sustainable and responsible business model, which continues to fulfil the expectations of the clients while guaranteeing the preservation of the species for future generations.

Transparency, making information public to consumers and society. Commitment, we are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our clients and society in general in a sustainable way. Efficiency, the resources with which we work deserve to be treated in a way that ensures their improvement and guarantees that the product achieves maximum profitability. Responsibility, Above and beyond thorough compliance with the law and other obligations

The Balfegó Group heads various research, development and innovation projects throughout the different areas of its activity:

We firmly believe that it is necessary to evaluate the biological and environmental consequences of bluefin tuna fishing within a set period in order to improve the efficiency of fishing though the implementation of new operation and management models based on the results obtained.

In the same way, we would like to deepen the knowledge we have about the reproductive behaviour of the bluefin tuna to be able to set fishery protocols that minimize the impact of purse seine in vivo fishing on the successful reproduction of the tuna.

To this end, one of the most important milestones that we have achieved in this field has been to verify that the transport of live bluefin tuna in fattening cages does not inhibit their reproduction.

One of our main aims is to establish a fattening programme for the tuna in the offshore aquaculture installations. This allows us to determine the real differences between levels of production and catches before fattening, in order to improve our aquaculture management and facilitate quota monitoring procedures and productive yields. To this end, we are working to define this fattening system through analysis of fat deposition in the animal, in response to the diet and the handling of the animal. Moreover, we strive to implement new slaughtering practices, to improve the quality of the end product.

Within this field, we are developing new quality control systems for the product that allow us to set objective limits and standardized protocols for a successful final product.

The growing demand for fresh quality produce has brought about the need for a combination of storage and preservation technology to lengthen the shelf life of fishery produce. One of our innovation objectives in the field of commercialization is the study of new preservation and presentation techniques for our product.



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