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Hermanos Gandón SA
entral Office Address: Salgueirón 9, 36940, Cangas de Morrazo, Pontevedra, España
Phone number: +34 986 392 020
Fax: +34 986 392 626
Email: oficina@hermanosgandon.com
Website: http://www.hermanosgandon.com

Financial: ricardo@hermanosgandon.com
Sales: carlos@hermanosgandon.com / joaquin@hermanosgandon.com
Staff: paco@hermanosgandon.com
Ships: delio@hermanosgandon.com
Product Certificates: diego@hermanosgandon.com

Who we are
Hermanos Gandón S.A. is a shipowner fishing company with a huge family character. Our offices are located in Cangas, a town with a large fishing tradition, placed in the Ría of Vigo, just two nautical miles away from its fishing port, the most important of Europe. Nowadays, our fishing fleet is formed by 4 freezer ships:
– Ana Gandón ( 58 m – 963 GT – Year 2001 )
– Aldán ( 54 m – 606 GT – Year 1989 )
– Esperanza Menduíña ( 77 m – 1866 GT – Year 1988 )
– Hermanos Gandón Cuatro ( 63 m – 1210 GT – Year 1988 )

All of them have quotas in NAFO fishing ground (Canada). Esperanza Menduíña and Hermanos Gandón Cuatro have also quotas in Irminger and Greenland (East part) fishing grounds for Redfish and in NEAFC waters for Blue Whiting. These ships can also obtain quotas for Blu Whiting in Feroe Islands, Norway, Jan Mayer and Svalvard, from time to time.

Our fleet’s activity also leads to Hatton Bank fishing ground, to get deep species: Baird’s Smoothead, Roughead Grenadier, Blue Ling, Scabbardfish…

Besides, Hermanos Gandón Cuatro has also got quotas for Northern Prawn in NAFO and some years in Svalvard fishing ground.

Thus, the summary of our main captures by fishing grouds is:
– NAFO (4-6 times a year, around 200 days a year among our four ships): Greenland Halibut, Grenadier, White and Red hakes, Redfish, American Plaice…
– Hatton Bank (4-6 times a year): Baird’s Smoothhead, Grenadiers, Blue Ling, Catfish, Dogfish, Scabbardfish…
– Irminger and Greenland: Beaked Redfish.
– Feroe Islands, Norway, Jan Mayer and Svalvard (2-4 times a year depending on quota): Blue Whiting.
– NEAFC: Blue Whiting.
– NAFO (depending on quota): Northern Prawn.
– Svalvard (depending on quota): Northern Prawn.

Fishing Fleet

Name:Ana Gandón
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 19/11/2001
Status: Active
Length: 58,00 m
Ship tonnage: 963,00 GT

Name: Aldán
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 30/10/1989
Status: Active
Length: 54,00 m
Ship tonnage: 606,28 GT

Name: Esperanza Menduiña
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 25/04/1988
Status: Active
Length: 76,90 m
Ship tonnage: 1866,00 GT

Name: Hermanos Gandón Cuatro
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 15/04/1988
Status: Active
Length: 62,90 m
Ship tonnage: 1210,00 GT

Name: Punta Robaleira
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 2/3/1979
Status: Scrapped
Length: 49,00 m
Ship tonnage: 613,00 GT

Name: Ana María Gandón
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 4/4/1974
Status: Scrapped
Length: 44,06 m
Ship tonnage: 517,00 GT

Name: Playa de Mourisca
Type: Freezer Trawler
Commissioning: 20/04/1967
Status: Scrapped
Length: 72,64 m
Ship tonnage: –

Name: Ría de Aldán
Type: Trawler
Commissioning: 13/11/1970
Status: Scrapped
Length: 27,79 m
Ship tonnage: 217,00 GT

Name: Gandón Menduiña
Type: Trawler
Commissioning: –
Status: Scrapped
Length: –
Ship tonnage: –

Name: Morocha
Type: Seiner
Commissioning: 1951
Status: Scrapped
Length: 19,00 m
Ship tonnage: –


Blue Whiting
White Hake
Red Hake
Northern Praw
Greenland Halibut
Beaked Redfish
Roughhead Grenadier
Roundnose Grenadier
Yellowtail Flounder
Witch Flounder
Blue Ling
Atlantic Wolffish
Silver Scabbardfish
Roughsnout Grenadier
American Plaice
Rat Fish
Black Scabbardfish
Baird’s Smoothhead
Goblin Shark
Arrowhead Dogfish
Rough Longnose Dogfish



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