Isidoro Pérez Gaytán, S.A.



Isidoro Pérez Gaytán, S.A.
Address: C / Omecillo No. 5, Industrial Estate Lantarón, 01213 LANTARÓN (Álava)
Tel: 945 33 30 60
Fax: 945 33 April 22

The company …

Facilities company Gaytán
We are a second generation family business, founded in 1956 by D. Isidoro Perez Gaytan and now run by his son George. Since its inception in Navarra, later moving to Miranda de Ebro and finally Lantarón (Alava), the company has constantly evolved, adapting to new markets and modernizing its facilities with the latest technologies in the cod sector.

Our company specializes in the import, processing and marketing of cod from Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, China and the Spanish fishing own company. Our customers are mainly supermarkets, hard discounters, convenience foods factories, shops, wholesalers and distributors. isidoro Gaytan Perez SA presents its new website with new facility, located in the industrial area of LANTARÓN (Alava), where we hope to assist you.

We can offer a wide range of products derived from cod (Gadus morhua).

Quality Certification
Our new company opened in early 2007 has the following facilities to serve our clients:
– Two loading docks and two automatic download.
– Coldrooms conservation Commodities up to 850 pallets 2nd-5th C.
– Wash and Salt Room 450 m2.
– Drying Tunnel for up to 15,000 kgs. approx.
– Coldrooms of conservation in progress. Up to 250 pallets 2nd-5th C.
– Room Preparation of Dry-Salted Cod with 1,450 m 2 completely clear.
– Room Classification and heavy 400 m 2 heated to 10 ° C.
– Room Preparation of frozen 750 m 2 heated to 10 ° C.
– Desalting of room heated to 400 m 2 7th C. Deposits cold water desalination (25,000 l.)
– Tunnel continuous cryogenic deep freeze.
– Chamber of storage of frozen products. Capacity for 270 pallets at -22 ° C.
– House conservation of finished dried / salted products. Capacity 240 pallets 2 to 5 C
– Warehouse packaging and other materials, palletizing 500 pallets.


Products SALTY:
Within our wide range of processed products Gaytan presents COS SALTED AND DRIED OR NOT. All our raw materials come from the best producers countries (Iceland, Faroe and Norway) having selected in each, the curators of higher quality, which allows a guarantee in our savory items.

Manufacturing processes and Dry Salted Cod
The steps that comprise the manufacturing process of dry-salted cod Gaytan are:

Desalted Products FROZEN
Our products are processed and frozen desalted cod Gadus morhua with the best quality control methods and high quality:
– Desalting in cold (max. 7th C)
– Desalted with heated room temperature max. 7th C.
– Tunnel continuous freezing liquid nitrogen at -90 ° C.
– Glaze with cold water to max. 2nd C.
– Processing rooms and heated weighing max. 10 ° C.
– Chamber of conservation frozen at -20 ° C



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