Grupo Conservas Garavilla



Grupo Conservas Garavilla
Dirección: Polígono Lamiaran-Aranburu 48360 Mundaka (Vizcaya) – España
Tel: +34 94 617 90 00
Fax: +34 94 618 72 70

Conservas Garavilla is a success story, the result of a collective effort of hundreds of women and men who, over more than a century, have made a firm commitment to good work, to quality, respect for the best of tradition and pride of being part of a world leader in the complicated industry of canned fish.

Conservas Garavilla, is the result of the vision and tenacity of a family closely linked to the sea, a story of overcoming adversity, confidence in the future and business leadership.

Quality Assurance
From its beginnings Conservas Garavilla has been committed to quality in all of its processes and products as the main focus of its differentiation strategy, and it has had certificates and credentials that testify to the quality offered.

ISO 9001:2008: Since its creation, Isabel has had the corresponding ISO certifications on the quality of the company’s management system and it guarantees perfect control of all its processes and activities.
– BRC (British Retail Consortium): Isabel was one of the first in Spain to obtain this certification, in which it states that it obtained the maximum rating (Level A).
– IFS (International Food Standards): Isabel also received the highest rating in this certification for meeting the food safety standards launched by food companies in France and Germany.
– Halal: Isabel has certified a large number of its products as “HALAL”. This HALAL seal guarantees that a product is fit for consumption by Muslims.
– Non-GMO policy: Isabel agrees not to use genetically modified products and to make sure that no ingredients or auxiliary material (such as soybean oil) comes from or contains GMOs.
– Dolphin Safe: : Isabel follows a strict policy of care and protection of dolphins during its tuna fishing. The company is subject to checks by the Earth Island Institute from the USA, which requires zero-dolphin-catch for their product to be considered dolphin safe.

The Fleet
Grupo Conservas Garavilla has a modern fleet that currently consists of 4 tuna vessels. By having our own fleet we can guarantee that every year we will catch the weight and high quality that the company standards require.

Each of the Conservas Garavilla tuna vessels is manned by a fishing crew of about 26 seamen who spend approximately 2 months at sea to bring Conservas Garavilla’s clients and consumers “The best of the Sea”.

Our Ships
– San Andres: The San Andrés is 71 metres long and was built in the famous Murueta shipyards in 1991.
– Charo: in 1993 the tuna ship Charo was purchased, 73 metres long and built in the Riera shipyards, in Gijón.
– Aurora B: The Aurora B, 84 meters long, was built in the Murueta shipyards in 1998.
– Rosita C: Rosita C, measuring 84 metres, is the youngest of all our ships, built in 2000.

Our products

Tuna, Light Tuna and Bonito del Norte
– Tuna, Light Tuna and Bonito del Norte are different varieties that Isabel selects for you and presents in different formats

– Isabel presents their specialites, a full range of traditional products that you will love.

Ready to eat salads
– Isabel presents its exquisite and varied ready to eat salads.

Ready to eat Meals
– Isabel offers a wide range of ready to eat dishes, requiring just one minute in the microwave



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