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SMP Marine Produkter AS
Address: Bøvågen 31, N-5937 BØVÅGEN, Norway
Telephone: +47 56 34 96 60
Telefax: +47 56 34 96 70
Company reg no: NO 944 134 212 MVA

About SMP
SMP Marine Produkter AS is a Norwegian Company, marketing and producing Atlantic Salmon and Trout products. The modern fish factory is located at the west coast of Norwegian, close to North Sea and the largest area of Salmon and Trout fish farms.

Main markets for the Company are Japan, EU and USA. The group is a family owned company, established in 1976. All companies in the group are managed by one business organisation and administration.

The organization is trained and skilled to handle business changes and challenges. The organization is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Totally the group have 40 employees.

Product quality is of vital importance for our customers and also for our company. SMP Marine Produkter AS has for many years been certified to meet product quality requirements from EU, USA and Japan. In addition, customer quality requirements are always incorporated in our HACCP-plan and Quality Control objectives.

Production flexibility is necessary to meet our different customer’s needs and product specifications. Our new factory, built in 1995, is built with production flexibility as a main goal. The factory contains 3500 m2 of processing capacities. In addition, the factory has 400 m2 of freezing capacities and 100 m2 of cold storage. Total freezing capacities is about 40 tons/day.

SMP Marine Produkter does have a wide range of Salmon and Trout products: A-E trim, sashimi, smoked, raw spiced and portions. Products are delivered both fresh and frozen. In addition to standard products, also different Salmon and Trout by-products can be delivered. Production capacity is about 5000 tons of farmed Atlantic Salmon and Trout pr. year. All farmed fish used in the processing plant does come from own fish farms or approved and co-operating fish farms at the Norwegian coastline.
Through our partners we can follow the prosess from the hatching of spawn and the supply of smolt to fish farms. all the way to slaughtering and processing into finished products at our own plant.


Raw Spiced Salmon
Norwegian traditions.
Raw, spiced salmon is an old Norwegian dish, and is very popular at festivities. We use only the best quality fish in our products so you can enjoy the best of the best of Norwegian seafood.

Smoked Salmon
Ancient way to preserve food.
Smoking meat and fish for preservation has been practiced all the way back to the stone ages. In Norway the art of smoking fish has been a well guarded secret through generations. The ingredients are simple, but the timing and amount of smoke used is vital for a good result. We use only the best raw materials so you receive the best product possible..

Frozen Salmon Portions
As if it came right out of the sea.
Our salmon is cut to portion sized pieces and frozen as soon as possible after slaughter. This ensures you the best product possible. Frozen salmon portions can be used in a large number of dishes.

Salmon Cutlets of Fillets
The Classic salmon dish.
Salmon Cutlets can be produced on request.

The Japaneese minimalistic elegance.
For the fish-loving Japaneese, their cusine aim to please all senses. Cutting and slicing is the first step to achieve this important aestethic appeal..

Facts about Norwegian Salmon
From spawn to finished products. Norwegian waters are of the least polluted in Europe, and the coast has numerous river systems that are stocked with North Atlantic Salmon. This makes the Norway perfect country for farming Salmon.

Fish farming is Norway’s second largest industry, and provides jobs both within and outside of the country. Farming Salmon is the flag ship of the Norwegian fish farming Industry. Salmon can be used in numerous dishes. Salmon can be eaten dried, as a snack, smoked, marinated, salted, cooked, fried or baked. Salmon also makes excellent sushi.

Salmon Caviar is fast growing in popularity. Some even think it’s better than Russian caviar. Wild salmon hatch in freshwater, and travel to the sea. In fisheries salmon is kept in land based farms until ready for transport to ocean based plants. There the fish is kept until slaughter weight. Norwegian salmon is popular all over the world, and is shipped in large quantities to Russia, Europe, North America and Eastern Asia.



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