Økonor Alta AS



Økonor Alta AS
Juridisk navn: Regnskap og Rådgivning Alta AS
Besøksadresse: Løkkeveien 9, 9509 Alta
Postadresse: Løkkeveien 9, 9509 Alta
Telefon: 78 45 60 00
Telefaks: 78 45 59 99
E-post: alta@okonor.no
Website: http://www.okonor.no

Økonor – a growing accountancy chain, Økonor was established in 1986. Økonor is currently Norway’s second-largest accounting and consultancy chain. The chain has 50 branches with 700 employees and 12,500 clients.

Business concept
Økonor will deliver forward-looking and flexible accounting and consultancy services focused on clients’ needs for increased profitability and quality.

Chain organisation
The Økonor chain is organised as a franchise system, which means that all our offices have local ownership. Combining local market expertise with a unique professional network, economies of scale and efficiency gains makes being an Økonor client a profitable venture.

Skilled staff
Technical expertise and punctuality mean that our accounting and consultancy services are of a quality suitable for use as management tools for managers, staff and owners in your organisation. Training and professional updating of our staff are given high priority.

Large professional network
Økonor consists of a nationwide network of accounting and consultancy offices. Økonor has several hundred specialists with expertise in most sectors. This network offers operational and competence synergies for you as an Økonor client.

Services tailored to clients’ needs
Our services are adapted to all companies and organisations. Flexible services mean that we can adapt ourselves to most requirements. You can outsource the entire finance function or opt to perform parts of the work yourself. As an Økonor client, you are provided with clear, easily comprehensible accounting reports.

Clearly defined quality requirements and routines
All Økonor branches follow a quality assurance programme which guarantees that clients are provided services in accordance with expectations and the requirements set out by the authorities. Økonor has its own quality assurance committee which performs both local and document-based supervision of all our offices.

Local affiliation and market knowledge
In Økonor we focus on recruiting staff with local affiliations. Knowledge of local business is a prerequisite for meeting our clients’ needs.

Economies of scale and efficiency gains
Økonor is a major player in the Norwegian accountancy market. This gives us the power to negotiate advantageous purchasing and partnership agreements which you as our client also benefit from.


Økonor can supply solutions to cover the entire finance function in your business or you can opt to let Økonor deal with individual components of your finance function.

Our services include organisation of accounting vouchers, classification and registration, reconciliation of cash/bank/accounts receivable/accounts payable, remittances, tax statements, annual balance of accounts and tax return documents, and tax calculations.

Payroll management
Økonor renders payroll accounting services to thousands of companies in Norway. By opting to allow Økonor to deal with payroll production in your company, you can rest assured that any requirements made by the authorities regarding payroll records, salary payments and payroll reporting are complied with and that your employees receive timely salary payments.

Financial consulting
Are you using the information your accounts can give you? Information about outstanding accounts, cash flow management and efficiency improvements to integration processes are just some of the preconditions for sound business operations. Do you know if your company is doing better than other businesses in your sector?

Økonor offers to provide ICT services for its customers. This guarantees reliable and stable ICT operations and a solution that is accessible wherever your employees happen to be.



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