Mathias Bjørge AS



Mathias Bjørge AS
Address: Lyngholmvegen 128, 6057 Ellingsøy, Norway
Tel: +47 70 10 09 20
Fax: +47 70 10 09 30

Karl Bjørge – Managing Director
Tel: +47 97 17 04 56

Torgeir Bjørge – Purchase/Sales Manager
Tel: +47 92 60 68 49
Skype: torgeir70100921

Henning Bjørge – Quality Manager
Tel: +47 90 80 83 82
Skype: henning70100923

Kari Tronstad – Accounting
Tel: +47 70 10 09 20

Tradition and value creation

The history of Mathias Bjørge AS
Mr. Mathias Bjørge established the company in the summer of 1962, with a lifelong vision of making the “world’s best salted and dried fish”. With the help of his son Karl, he built the factory on their own land right at the centre of the Norwegian coastline. A few months later, the building was ready and Mathias Bjørge AS could begin production of salted and sun-dried fish.

Now, 50 years later, the company is one of the few salted and dried fish producers that is still owned and run by a family. Over the generations, Mathias Bjørge AS has become well known on the global market because of its passion, innovation and focus on high quality products.

Value creation by family company
The experience and knowledge of generations is the key to the company’s well-organised operations. A vital part of the company’s long-term strategy is to retain its competence and experience workers, to ensure that each product is of outstanding quality, with the focus on whiteness and complexity of flavour and texture.

The family firm is also the proud supplier of Mathias King Crab. This is a pure and refreshing product caught in the Barents Sea. Mathias King Crab gives consumers light, healthy meals with the taste of the Nordic seas and a hint of sweetness. The flavour of this product has excited many chefs, while it is an easy product for inexperienced cooks to prepare. This is a quality product that we will definitely be seeing more of in the future.

The strength of this family company is in its pursuit of quality products and the long-term perspective and the security this can give its employees. The family business differentiates itself in the market with innovative products and the effective use of resources. All this to give millions of consumers the chance to make the perfect meal.

Frozen Products:
Mathias King Crab
Mathias Snow Crab

Salted and Dried Products:
Salted and Dried Norwegian Cod
Salted and Dried Pacific Cod
Salted and Dried Tusk
Salted and Dried Ling
Salted and Dried Saithe



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