SunSea AS



SunSea AS
Besøksadresse: Legemyrane 4, 6076 Moltustranda, Norway
Telephone: +47 70 08 38 10
Business registration number: 992 742 836

About SunSea AS
SunSea AS is located in the finest waters of Norway near Alesund. This region is famous worldwide for it’s high-quality seafood. The company has direct access to the sea, which gives it a great advantage regarding sourcing and supplying fresh fish. SunSea AS was created in 2007 by Mr. Edgar Sandanger. The company has 3 production lines for salmon, pelagic and white fish, as well as a high storage capacity.

SunSea AS act in the respect of the national and global sanitary rules.

Certification issued by the Norwegian food safety authority Mattilsynet attesting that SunSea AS respects a strickt HACCP plan. Our HACCP plan is        available in Norwegian and English.
– MSC – Marine Stuardship Council standards for Chain of Custody (version 2) – certificate issued by Bureau Veritas 30 June 2009.
– Certificate of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, issued by the US agency Registrar Corp.
– Kosher certificate issued by the Jewish Organization in Oslo.


Our main activity is the production of salmon products: whole round, fillets, portions and by-products. These are available fresh or frozen according to the preferences of our customers.
– Salmon fillets
– Salmon portions
– Salmon by-products

Pelagic fish
In 2009, SunSea AS opened a new production line for pelagic fish, mackerels and herrings. Products are available fresh and frozen.
– White fish products

Our direct access to the sea guarantee you the maximum freshness of our raw materials. SunSea AS has a production line for white fish, mainly for saithe and pollack. Products are available fresh and frozen. The products include fillets, whole round, H/G, and portions.



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