Brødrene Sperre AS



Brødrene Sperre AS
Address: N-6057 Ellingsøy, Aalesund, Norway
Telephone: +47 70 10 27 00
Telefax: +47 70 10 27 10

Continuity – Stability – Control
Brødrene Sperre AS boasts a first-class reputation for high quality products and outstanding service among its clients. Strategically located on the west coast of Norway, Brødrene Sperre AS is a leading supplier of frozen pelagic fish as well as salted and dried fish. Furthermore, partnerships with a number of Norwegian “frozen-at-sea” whitefish- and pelagic processors form the foundation for the company’s activities.

Through continual development, we now have a state of the art processing facility and logistic centre exporting seafood worldwide.


From the deep waters of the cold North Atlantic we bring you a complete range of Pelagic Fish. Over fifty years of experience in selecting the best raw material is your guarantee of quality seafood.

Pelagic – landfrozen
The ability to land vessels direct at our production facility ensures absolute freshness. Resulting in deep frozen seafood within hours of being caught in the fishing grounds.

Pelagic – Frozen at Sea
With our strong partnerships with pelagic frozen at sea vessels, we are able to offer an extensive variety of filleted products.

With the range of North Atlantic white fish products available to us, we aim to be a complete supplier of Norwegian seafood.

All catching by our vessels is instruct compliance with the annual quotas given out by the Norwegian authorities. This is your guarantee that we care about the long term sustainability of fish stocks.

White Fish – Frozen At Sea
In partnerships with leading frozen at sea vessels and distributors, we are able to fulfil the full logistic supply chain.

Dried Salted
Brødrene Sperre’s growth has also continued in its production of the traditional Norwegian Salted and Dried Fish. Using our five decades of experience we are now amongst the leading producers and exporters in Norway.



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