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Lundsøe Køl & Frys A/S
Address: Østre Fælledvej 8, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark
Phone: +45 96 86 85 20

Address: Jellingvej 5, DK-9230 Svenstrup
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Tlf: +45 96 86 12 12
Fax: +45 96 86 12 17
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Tlf: +45 96 86 85 20
Fax: +45 96 86 85 25
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Nr. Sundby afd.(detailpakkeri + frysehus)
Address: Østre Fælledvej 8, DK-9400 Nr. Sundby
Tlf: +45 98 10 33 53
Fax +45 98 10 33 53
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Address: Århus afd., Vandvejen 2, DK-8000
Tlf: +45 96 86 12 12
Fax +45 96 86 12 17
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LUNDSØE Transport & Spedition A/S was founded by Allan Lund Sørensen and owner Søren Søe-Larsen , in November of 1998. From the beginning, activities included transport of groupage, part- and fullloads by both refrigerated and conventional trucks, mainly to the Iberian Peninsula. In 2001, the sibling company Støvring Køl & Frys (later LUNDSØE Køl & Frys) was founded. The coldstore facilities have been expanded several times, most recently with the packing facility in Nørresundby in February of 2010. Together with the main coldstore in Svenstrup, the capacity now exceeds 7.500 pallet spaces. Furthermore we offer Freezing capabilities, packaging, as well as other services, relevant to offering our customers a complete logistics solution. The packing facility is a state of the art operation, meeting the strictest demands pertaining to health and safety regulations as well as product quality. In February of 2009, LUNDSØE opened our first office abroad. This office is located in Zaragoza, Spain (LUNDSØE Iberica). We have exceeded all expectations, and are ready to open further offices abroad. We are commited to the development of our logistical solutions, so that we can continue to offer our customers the best and most competitive total logistics concept.

Temperature controlled
LUNDSØE carry out all types of temperature controlled transports, from pharmaceutical products to all kinds of foodstuffs and produce. We strive to carry out all transports from door to door, with a minimum of reloading or crossdocking. We have a constant focus on our customers’ need for dependable service, flexibility, stability, and competitive prices, while keeping the transit time to a minimum. We use only the best partners all over Europe, to ensure that we maintain our excellent record of very low damage or delay. All terminals are approved by the respective food and health administrations of their home countries. All our transports are carried out to the highest standards – no matter the type of goods, or size of your shipment.

At LUNDSØE we use only the latest and best refrigerated trailers. All trailers are equipped with double compartments (two thermal compounders), side doors and air-tight separation walls. This ensures that we can carry out transports at several different temperatures without compromising the quality of our service. Our trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS satellite monitoring systems, enabling us to constantly monitor both temperature and location.

Our refrigerated trailers can load up to 33 EUR pallets, and approximately 23.000 kg.
Measurements (L x W x H) 13.40 x 2.49 x 2.60m

Cold store
LUNDSØE Transport & Spedition A/S together with LUNDSØE Køl & Frys A/S operate our own coldstore warehouses.

In our modern coldstores, we offer both short-term as well as long-term warehousing. Furthermore, we offer freezing, picking, weighing, sorting, palletizing, labelling, reloading and we also perform sampling for tests by various food and health administration authorities.

Our Coldstore is compartmentalized which offers unparalleled flexibility in accordamce with the demands of our customers in regards to type of storage and range of temperatures. This enables us to offer a range of storage temperatures from 0 to -25 degrees C°.

We wish to offer our customers a complete logistical solution that free up significant resources for our customers, offering advantages in management, product development, production and marketing.

Furthermore our concept ensures that our customers can transport, store and distribute their merchandize in one unbroken chain of temperature controlled logistics.



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