Kimpex AS



Kimpex A/S
Address: Tolnevej 310, Vogn, DK 9870 Sindal, Denmark
Tel. +45 9893 0722

The Kimpex Headquarter is situated in Denmark near the fishing ports of Skagen and Hirtshals. Our frozen products are kept at the coldstore in Skagen. Kimpex has department for frozen fish and department for fresh fish. In addition to the Danish operation Kimpex has representative offices in Poland. The Polish company was founded in 1995 and during the years a big expertise in the Polish and East European market has been established.

Production of the Kimpex frozen fish products is taking place close to the fishing grounds either by reputable freezing plants or by factory freezing vessels. All production is carefully supervised and monitored by the experienced specialists from Kimpex.


Pelagic Fish

Mackerel (scomber scombrus)
Whole round
Hand cut fillets
Headed and gutted
Head-on gutted

Herring (clupea harengus)
Whole round

Canadian Fish Production
Mackerel (scomber scombrus)
Herring (clupea harengus)
Halibut (hippoglossus hippoglossus)
Turbot, Greenland halibut (rheinhardius hippoglossoides)
Atlantic cod (gadus morhua)
Capelin (mallotus villosus)
Lumpfish roe (cyclopterus lumpus)

Fresh Fish
Atlantic cod (gadus morhua)
Flounder (plastichtys flesus)
Dover soles (platichtys flesus)
Plaice (pleuronectes platessa)
Hake (merluccius merluccius)
Monkfish (lophius piscatorius)
Lemon soles (microstomus kitt)
Dogfish (squalus acanthias)
Pollack (pollachius pollachius)
Saithe (pollachius virens)
Haddock (melanogramus aeglefinus)
Catfish (anarchichas lupus)
Turbot (scophthalmus maximus)
Brill (scophthalmus rhombus)
Dabs (limanda limanda)
Ling (molva molva)
Blue ling (molva dypterygia)
Norway lobster (nephrops norvegicus

Fish Roe
Atlantic cod (gadus morhua)
Saithe roe (pollachius virens)
Flounder roe (pollachius flesus)
Plaice roe (pleuronectes platessa)
Yellow fin sole roe (limanda aspera)
Hoki roe (macruronus novazealandiae)
Lumpfish roe (cyclopterus lumpus)
Herring roe (clupea harengus)



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