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Agri-Norcold A/S
Address: Skivevej 43, 9500 Hobro
Phone: +45 98 51 00 22
FAX.: +45 98 52 41 68

– The Aalborg division is situated close to the Greenland harbour in the port of Aalborg, a location ideal for both import and export.
– The cold storage facillity is equipped with large mobile racking systems.
– Aalborg is close to the E45 motorway at exit 24.

Address: Aalborg Warehouse, Lilledybet 6, 9220 Aalborg Ø
Phone.: +45 98 15 63 88
Fax.: +45 98 15 94 40

– The branch in Aarhus is under the same management.
– In Aarhus, there is 2 branches: Hasselager and Tilst.

The branch in Tilst is situated less than two kilometres from the motorway E45 and only a few kilometres from the container terminals of the Port of Aarhus. The cold store is fitted with racks and a small bulk storage.

Address: Tilst Warehouse, True Møllevej 8, 8381 Tilst
Phone.: +45 87 45 13 90
Fax.: +45 87 45 13 91

– The Hasselager division is situated close to the E45 motorway and only 10 kilometres from the major container handling harbour in Aarhus.
– The cold storage facility has both stationary and mobile racking systems. There is also a large storeroom fitted with a roll-through racking system.

Address: Hasselager Warehouse, Stormosevej 13, 8361 Hasselager
Phone: +45 86 28 18 11
Fax: +45 86 28 30 58

– Agri-Norcold A/S is a modern high-stack storage facility with stationary and mobile racking systems.
– Hobro also offers conventional bulk storage with many options for small storage areas.
– This means that the company can handle and store all types of products with differing requirements as regards temperature, stacking, veterinary status, etc.

Hobro is close to exit 35 on the E45 motorway.

Contact AGRI-NORCOLD A/S, Hobro Warehouse
Address: Skivevej 43, 9500 Hobro
Phone.: +45 98 52 18 00
Fax.: +45 98 51 00 76

Nykøbing Mors
– Danfjord Frost is situated in Mors Foodpark.
– The cold storage facility operates with large storerooms with mobile racking systems as well as storerooms for conventional bulk storage.
– The number of storerooms makes it possible to store food products with differing requirements as regards temperature, stacking, veterinary status, etc.

Address: Danfjord Frost, Food Parken 4, 7900 Nykøbing Mors
Phone.: +45 97 72 19 22
Fax.: +45 97 72 23 22

– The Padborg division is strategically situated close to the Danish/German border. Only a 1 1/2 hour drive from Hamburg, this facility offers excellent import/export connections to markets in Continental Europe.
– Modernised and extended during recent years, the Padborg terminal is now a large and important element in the chain of Agri-Norcold facilities.

Contact AGRI-NORCOLD A/S Padborg Warehouse North
Address: Transitvej 8, 6330 Padborg
Phone: + 45 74 67 30 92
Fax.: + 45 74 67 45 42

Contact AGRI-NORCOLD A/S Padborg Warehouse South
Address: Industrivej 2, 6330 Padborg

– The Vejen division is centrally located close to the main east/west Danish E20 motorway between Esbjerg and Kolding.
– The cold storage facility is equipped with large, modern mobile and stationary racking systems. There are also conventional bulk storage facilities.

Contact AGRI-NORCOLD A/S Vejen Warehouse
Address:Park Allé 17, 6600 Vejen
Phone.: +45 75 36 24 00
Fax.: +45 75 36 35 21

Our Company
The company was established in 1964, when Gunnar Nordstroem founded Norcold A/S in Hobro.
14 Years later Norcold A/S was taken over by Agricold A/S, Esbjerg, and the name Agri-Norcold A/S became the new name of the company.

The company is owned by Frode Laursen A/S and Danish Crown.

The head office and central administration is located in Hobro. The staff count total approx. 260 employees, who continuously update their knowledge.

With more than a quarter of Denmark’s total cold storage capacity, Agri-Norcold is the country’s largest service partner in the field of freezing and in the handling and storage of frozen and refrigerated products. With our expansion of the department in Vejen in 2011, we are now in possession of the largest cold store in Northern Europe.

The company offers its customers a total of 750.000 m3 of cold storage space divided between eight cold storage terminals. These terminals are strategically placed close to main traffic thoroughfares, and are therefore easy to access.

The food industry has increasingly seen an advantage to outsource freezing trade management to external partners who are specialists in the field.

The company’s goal is to ensure that customers receive the best possible service at the lowest possible handling and storage costs.

Opening hours are geared to meeting customer requirements. This means that many Agri-Norcold facilities operate with regular evening and night shifts.

Through a close dialogue with customers, we develop sustained our core competencies. Service and quality are the most important parameter for Agri-Norcolds business. We want to create a financially solid, international and innovative business that meets our customers’ needs and expectations. We want to create a stable social conscious workplace for our employees and partners.

In addition, we want to run an environmentally conscious business and invest continuously in energy improvement projects and initiatives. With our energy management program is our goal to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions significantly in the coming years.



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