Royal Corbela Ltd.



Royal Corbela Ltd.
Address: Østre Kanalgade 6, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Telephone: +45 9631 3070

​We are an innovative and ambitious company and we want to be at the forefront of trends in seafood and consumer habits. Customers are at the center of everything we do, and we aim to provide our consumers and customers with products and services that surpass their expectations.

Through many years of experience in the market of fresh and frozen seafood our sales organisation is always ready to provide our customers with the best service. It is important for us to build relationships with our customers. Understand their needs. Be inventive, service minded and action oriented. We offer traceability and monitoring plans of all sales and purchases.

Price can often determine who is chosen as the supplier. We have recognized this fact since the very first day we were in business – it is indeed a central element of our business concept. Therefore, we aim to always provide high-quality products and on-time delivery to our customers to the best prices.

Royal Corbela was founded and converted to a limited company in 2001 specializing in fresh and frozen fish and seafood products. Our team represents more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the seafood business.

Royal Corbela has established itself as an important player in the market for seafood products. We have proven ourselves to be a reliable partner of our customers and our suppliers. This success can primarily be attributed to the competent employees. The cornerstones of our business are experience, professionalism, innovation and passion: for our company, our products and our traditions.

Royal Corbela is part of the Corbela Group. The Corbela Group consists of Royal Corbela in Denmark and Congelados Corbela in Spain. Our office is located in Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark.

Four Seasons is a line of products developed on the basis of making healthy and delicious ready-to-make meals.

Product –  Bulk
Our long and close relations with the North Atlantic and Galican fishing fleet and working in the main fishing grounds around the world, allow us to meet any requirements from our customers in an agile and professional way anywhere around the world, thanks to our favourable locations in Spain and Denmark. ​
Along with our position in Vigo, Spain, we have direct access to raw materials such as Redfish, Halibut, Squid, Mackerel, Saithe, Grenadier and Talisman.

Our connections and cooperation partners in South America also allow us to offer Hake, Hoki, King Clip, Brotola, Butterfish and Nototenia.

Our main products are listed below. We will often have an expanded range determined by the season, so please feel free to contact us regarding our products. We will distribute your e-mail to the appropriate person for immediate response or you may contact our office directly.

Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides)
Catching area: FAO 21
HGT, Block
Frozen at sea
500 gr – 1 kg
1-1,5 kg
1,5-2 kg

Red Fish (Sebastes Mentella / Sebastes Marinus)
Catching area: FAO 21/27
Frozen at sea
headed and gutted / Whole round

Squids (Loligo Patagonicus / Illex Argentinus)
Whole Round
Frozen at sea

Turbot (Psetta Maxima)
600 gr – 1 kg
1-1,5 kg
1,5-2 kg

Cod (Gadus Morhua)
Catching Area FAO 21/27
Headed and Gutted
Frozen at sea
500 gr – 1 kg
1-1,5 kg
1-2 kg

Pelagic fish
Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus)
Herring (Clupea Harengus​)
Horse Mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus)
Blue Whiting (Gadus Poutassou)



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