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Polar Salmon A/S
Address: H.E. Bluhmes Vej 18, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark.
Tel.:+45 75 12 46 77
Fax: +45 75 12 44 62
E-mail: polarsalmon@polarsalmon.com


Bent Kristensen – Sales Director
Email: bk@polarsalmon.com

Morten Holm – Area Sales Manager
Email: mho@polarsalmon.com

René Raunsgaard – Assistent Sales Manager
Email: rr@polarsalmon.com

Majbritt Søgaard Christensen – Sales assistant
Email: msc@polarsalmon.com

Management and administration

Jan Weinrich – Managing Director
Email: jw@polarsalmon.com

Ulla P. Nielsen – Chief Accountant
Email: upn@polarsalmon.com

Mette Marie Haubak – Quality Manager
Email: mmh@polarsalmon.com

Poul Jensen – Key Account Manager
Email: pj@polarsalmon.com

Tina Bigum Berg – Sales Assistant
Email: tbb@polarsalmon.com

Alan Christiansen – Packaging/Logistics
Email: ach@polarsalmon.com

Henrik Storegaard Jensen – Production and Purchasing Director
Email: hsj@polarsalmon.com

Jørn Pedersen – Accounting Assistant
Email: jpp@polarsalmon.com

About Polar Salmon

Customer Focus
We strive daily to fulfil the demands and needs of our customers and, with great flexibility plus rational production, we make this possible. We guarantee a tasty and consistent quality product, each time.

Polar Salmon A/S was founded in 1985 and is part of the Polar Seafood Group. Polar Salmon is situated on the west coast of Denmark and has existed as a smokehouse and manufacturing company since 1985. At that time, the company started with 4 employees; today 120 people are employed.

From the beginning we have focused upon high quality. We use the best from the old craftsman production methods combined with the latest technology; this means dry or salt injected, plus good traditional cold smoking, which continuously is monitored by our smoke-cure masters.

Traceability from Sea to Plate

Food safety and food quality are top priorities at Polar Salmon. Raw materials carefully selected from chosen suppliers, combined with our own fished products create the foundation of securing a superb quality seafood product with full traceability. All raw materials entering our production are subject to comprehensive checks.

Polar Salmon’s Quality Management System has been established in accordance with the HACCP principles and cover the companys own control system. The internal control system covers the entire process from raw materials to finished products.

Hygiene at Polar Salmons factory complies with the most rigorous requirements in the market and is based upon our own, our customers, the Danish Veterinary Authorities and BRC or IFS strict regulations. Hygiene requirements cover the design of the buildings, production processes, working garments, attitudes and behavior and, not least, cleaning procedures.

Strong supplier of smoked-, chilled- and frozen seafood products.

Polar Salmon is a strong supplier of Norwegian salmon, Sockeye salmon, Greenland halibut, trout, tuna and cod traditionally filleted and hand salted and cold smoked in old fashioned smoke ovens at Polar Salmon’s factory on the Danish west coast. In our wide range of products you will also find chilled- and frozen cuts, filleted or portioned, for the catering- and retail industries.

Raw materials carefully selected from chosen suppliers, combined with our own fished products create the foundation of securing superb quality seafood products with full traceability from sea to plate.

Smoked products
Chilled and frozen



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