Prime Ocean AS



Prime Ocean A/S
Address: RØGERIVEJ 2, 9900 SKAGEN
TLF: +45 98 48 48 88

CEO – Carsten Frydkjær
Tel: +45 96 21 06 06
Fax: +45 20 97 76 23

Purchase Manager – Niels Nordmann
Tel: +45 96 21 06 00
Fax: +45 20 97 37 91

We are experienced in bringing you better products and service. We are a small but effective team with over 50 years combined experience within the fish industry. The company was established 20th March 2009 by Niels B. Nordmann and Carsten Frydkjær.

The company philosophy is simple but integral to the way we do business. We believe strongly in providing our customers with fish products of high quality, primarily salmon, at very competitive prices. And of course WE DO THIS BY PROVIDING A HIGH STANDARD OF SERVICE THAT GIVES YOU THE BENEFIT OF OUR EXPERIENCE.  And our desire to have you remain of our very happy and satisfied customers

Prime Ocean A/S is a company, based in Skagen, Denmark, that offers a wide range of fish products with emphasis on the different methods of salmon preparation. We deliver a wide variety of salmon and fish products from our 3600m2 HACCP-Certified factory in Skagen harbour. Each week we import around 200.000 kg of fresh salmon which is then prepared and delivered to our customers throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Our primary sources are Norwegian fish farms from which we carefully select the quality fish to meet our clients specific needs. We also offer quality salmon products from other sources such as Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Chile.

But it’s not all Salmon, we can deliver a wider range of fish products – from octopus and cod to catfish and shark. So it would be our pleasure to provide you with the great service and whatever quality fish products you find yourself in need of.

Certification “Out Selection process demands quality and full taste”
– Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC (
– Se kontrol rapport

Salmom Salar
Salmon Fillet Trim B
Salmon Fillet Trim C
Salmon Fillet Trim D
Salmon Fillet Trim E
Salmon Loins
Salmon portions chain pack
Salmon portions single vacuum
White fish
Salmon Block
Salmon Head
Salmon Tail
Salmon Backbone
Salmon Bellies



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