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Pandalus Hanstholm A/S
Address: Industrivangen 3, 7730 Hanstholm, Denmark
Phone: +45 97 96 12 55

Morten Lynge Mortensen – Owner / sale-purchase
Phone: 96550423 and 96550425
Mobile: 40195255

Kim Baun – Production
Phone: 96550435
Mobile: 21791966

Jimmy Tinggaard – Owner / sale-purchase
Phone: 96550424 and 96550428
Mobile: 23314436

Henning Søe – Sales / bookkeeping
Phone: 96550420 and 96550422
Mobile: 28404560

Michael Andersen – Sales
Phone: 96550436 and 96550447
Mobile: 25363317

Anders Toft Andersen – Owner / Management
Phone: 96550432
Mobile: 21791535

Pandalus was established in 1969 as a prawn processing factory, hence the name “Pandalus”, which comes from the Latin name for deep-water prawns (Pandalus borealis).

Conversion of the production process
Back then, the company was owned by Swedish fishermen and Danish stakeholders, and the production process was based on Swedish fishing boats’ landings of prawns in the Port of Hanstholm, Denmark.

As these landings gradually diminished, we were forced to convert our production process for the export of fresh and frozen fish products, including in particular round fish like cod, haddock, saithe and whiting.

In the autumn of 1981, the Swedish fishermen and Danish stakeholders sold out to a trio comprising Søren T. Petersen, Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen, who converted the company into the present public limited company in 1992.

New generational change
A generational change began in late 1997/early 1998, when Morten L. Mortensen became co-owner and Søren T. Petersen withdrew from the ownership during 1999. In early 2004, Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen withdrew from the ownership and were replaced by Jimmy Thinggaard and Anders Toft Andersen.

Today, the day-to-day management is a young, dynamic team:
Morten L. Mortensen, Anders Toft Andersen and Jimmy Thinggaard, who run the business with the same positive spirit as the previous owners.

Primary production
Pandalus A/S specialises in selling whole, cleaned fish as well as fish fillets from our own production process. We can deliver just about any type of fish and shellfish from the North Sea depending on your preferences and the time of year.

Wide selection
Our primary production is fresh fish, and we offer a wide selection of basic commodities, including:
– cod
– saithe
– haddock
– hake
– ling
– cusk

We offer just about any type of fish product and deliver to all wholesalers in Western Europe. We are renowned for our quality and excellent flavour, which are just some of the reasons our customers often return. Naturally, Pandalus A/S offers overnight delivery, and we deliver the quantity required by our customer to suit their requirements.

Great expertise
In terms of delivery, we make sure to thoroughly discuss the types and quantity of fish you need, so you are sure to get exactly the results you are looking for. We have vast expertise of all types of fish, which enables us to provide expert guidance if you require information about the various types.

Block production
Pandalus A/S offers block-production fish processing. We are widely experienced in working with the vast majority of fish and know how they should be processed.

Ready for delivery
We make sure to optimise the freezing process so all fish are thoroughly frozen and ready for delivery to our customers, who include wholesalers from all over Western Europe. If you are unable to pick up the fish right away, we offer storage until the time is right for you. All processing is based on our customers’ wishes and needs. We deliver the type and quantity of fish you need and we will gladly help you with advice concerning varieties of fish and processing.

High quality
Our longstanding experience in the fishery industry enables us to meet our customers’ increasing demands for high quality and competitive prices. At Pandalus A/S, we give priority to reliability of delivery, which we achieve in close collaboration and by careful planning with our suppliers and distribution partners.

For years, Pandalus A/S has worked with hand-cut fish where we give priority to cutting the fish with the extreme precision so they look appetising and attractive.

Our range includes the following:
– flounder fillet
– plaice fillet
– garfish
– cod
– saithe

Our employees have extensive experience in the processing and cutting of several different types of fish. Therefore, you are assured of receiving delicious fish that look fresh and attractive too. Pandalus A/S delivers overnight and we are always ready to assist you with advice concerning all types of fish. You are welcome to contact us to discuss how we can help to identify and meet your needs.



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