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Launis Fiskekonserves A/S
Address: Industrivej Nord 2 – 4, DK – 9982 Aalbaek, Denmark
Phone: +45 96 21 66 66
Fax: +45 96 21 66 78


Company description
Launis Fiskekonserves A/S is a 100% family-owned Danish company with more than 50 years’ experience with fish processing.
Launis has production and manufacturing facilities covering a total of 28,000 m2. … CLICK HERE to read more about Launis

A quality control system based on the HACCP principle, we ensure effective compliance with the requirements of public authorities and the wishes of our customers … CLICK HERE to read more about our Quality

Nielsens Fiskeeksport A/S
Nielsens Fiskeeksport A/S is 100%-owned by the Launis Fiskekonserves A/S family company … CLICK HERE to read more about Nielsens Fiskeeksport

Gimsøy Pelagisk A/S
Gimsøy Pelagisk at Lofoten is located in the middle of the fishing area for the NVG herring and is a fully owned subsidiary of Nielsens Fiskeeksport … CLICK HERE to read more about Gimsøy Pelagisk


Our herring master selects the very best autumn herrings and leaves them to mature according to old Danish recipes. They are then carefully marinated to preserve the fine taste nuances and give the flesh a lovely firm texture – in full compliance with market demands for high quality and excellent taste. The range covers everything from marinated and spiced herring to different types of herrings in cream sauce.

Shrimp/Brined products

The Launis Shrimp
The Launis Shrimp is produced from freshly caught shrimp (Pandalus Borealis), landed daily by a fleet of Danish fishing trawlers. Immediately upon arrival at the factory in Skagen, the shrimp are cooked, peeled and brined in one single operation.
This preserves the product’s fresh taste, beautiful red colour and firm texture. A unique product from Launis.

Cold water shrimp (North Atlantic shrimp)
We can also offer cold water shrimp (Pandalus Borealis) caught in North Atlantic waters. The shrimp are cooked, peeled and frozen by our suppliers before being transported to Denmark where they are defrosted and brined. The cold water prawns are particularly good in salads, sandwiches and similar dishes.

Warm water prawns
We can also offer a wide range of brined warm water prawns such as Black Tiger and Vannamei. They can be used in many ways, for example on pizzas, in pasta dishes, etc.

Crayfish tails
Crayfish tails from Launis are produced from large beautiful freshwater crayfish from China. The product is a delicacy that has many uses for example in salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Surimi is supplied in different sizes and colours and can be used in many different ways, for example in salads.

Launis caviar is produced from lumpfish, caught and bought when the season is best and the flavour is at its highest. This ensures a uniform product of first class quality. The caviar from Launis is available in the traditional colours: black, red and natural.
In addition, Launis also produces other roe products such as capelin roe and trout roe.

CaviArt is made from seaweed but looks like traditional lumpfish caviar. The product has the great advantage that the colour does not rub off or run when used together with other food products. A patent for this product is pending. It sells at a very competitive price and is available in three colours: black, red and natural.



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