Alimentos Mar Profundo S.A.



Alimentos Mar Profundo S.A.
Address: Avda. Océano Pacífico #3679 – Parque Industrial, Coronel,  VIII Región
Phone: 56 – (41) 2854610
Fax: 56 – (41) 2854617

Our History:
Alimentos Mar Profundo Inc. is a Chilean company founded in 1995 by Del Rio, Arteaga and Cornejo families. Its mission is to elaborate marine products with high quality standards, to satisfy the demanding national and international consumers. In 2007, the company’s control goes to Mr. Domingo Arteaga Echeverria and Guillermo Cornejo Bustamante’s hands. They have their processing plant located in one of the most generous and diverse fishing resources in the world, the Bio Bio region, Chile. Through the years, they have developed various products in tin containers of 1 pound, one-way pouches of 1 pound, and aluminum and tin containers of ¼club, RO-200 of 170grs. and 200grs. The most recognized products of our company are: Mackerel and Horse Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus Peruanus and Trachurus Murphy) in 1 pound Tall, with different sauces like brine, tomato sauce, oil and others, sardine (Ethmidium Maculatum) in 1 pound tall jars and sardines (Clupea Bentincki) in ¼club containers, shredded in Tall and RO-200 containers, mackerel and horse mackerel fillets in pouch bags and several other products according to orders. Today, we are focused on the development of ½’’ tall Mackerel or half pound with different sauces and RO-200 format and ¼club. A great effort is made to develop the Pacific Sardine in base of (Ethmidium Maculatum). Our Company also has been marked as making important and high quality maquilas such as in Pesquera Camanchaca Inc. which now can serve to other businesses of this kind.

Alimentos Mar Profundo is defined as a customer oriented company. This commitment encourages it to the development of different products, where the satisfaction of consumer needs is of the utmost priority. In that sense, the concept of quality has a major role in the daily work, from selection of raw materials, transportation, processing, and the presentation in the proper distribution of the different products. For that reason, this Company has become an advanced seafood industry in Chile. Since August 2008 the company began to work together with other canning plants in a clean production agreement (APL), under the trade association ASIPES. At the same time begins the Safety Management System and Occupational Health with the support of the ACHS, with the goal of achieving a medium-term OHSAS certification.

Market and Accreditations:
Alimentos Mar Profundo products are mainly exported. Its success is due to the commitment that has with its owners and employees with the production itself, focusing primarily on quality, that is why our processes are based on HACCP, which translates in having the best qualification of processes and plant that you can aspire to in Chile, PAC 1 category A. This is why our products are distributed to the five continents, like demanding markets such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, United States, Russia, Latin America and other countries throughout Asia and Africa. This has been made due to their accreditations obtained like GMP, FDA, SLSI, DIPOA, SENASA, HALAL accreditation which allows us to export to Muslim countries, and Kosher certification which allows us to export to the Jewish country.

Production Capacity:
The plant has a highly professional team committed to their work and in constant training which allow Production Capacitythem to be update with the new requirements and needs of the markets. The Company also has a modern process plant, which makes it in one of the largest and most advanced seafood industry. This team of workers operates three production lines with a capacity of two hundred and fifty thousand round cans per day in 1’’ and ½’’ tall. Depending on the supply, the Company can produce about two million cases in tall format and seven hundred thousand cases of ½’’ tall, employing over 350 people in fishing season. The elaboration of other products depends on the volumes and containers to fill.

Our company does not have its own fleet, that is why we buy the raw materials to industrial fleets of the region and is currently developing an alternative supply chain with small craft owners in the region.



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