Seafood Resources Chile S.A.



Seafood Resources Chile S.A.
Address: Avenida Tabancura 1332 Vitacura – Santiago – Santiago -Chile
Phone: 56 2 22178040
Fax: 56 2 27161669
Contact person: Claudio Olivares

Seafood Resources Chile S.A. (SRC) was founded in 1992 with the idea to produce the prestigious Turbot and Abalone in Chile’s coastal waters. SRC is the leading and sole Turbot farmer in North, Central and South America, providing this extraordinary flat fish for more than 20 years to some of the most demanding markets worldwide. SRC is among the most important abalone farms in Chile, commercializing frozen and canned abalone in Asia and North America.

The company grew at a steady pace and, in 2000, a processing plant was constructed to complete the vertical integration of all production processes. Nowadays, it offers a sustainable seafood through the employment of ecofriendly practices, which involves the highest sanitary and quality standards.

Products list
Red abalone in cans
raw frozen abalone with shell
fresh turbot
frozen turbot
frozen turbot fillet skin on boneless


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