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Seaborn Fresh Seafoods
Address: 69 Alexandra Place, Murarrie Qld 4172
Telephone: 1300 293 663
Facsimile: (07) 3890 3113

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Welcome 欢 迎
Seaborn Fresh Seafoods have been operational since April 2010, although we are a new company by name, with our exceptional handpicked team we consists of over 40 years experience in the Seafood Industry. We aim to provide our customers with excellent service, Quality & range of Fresh Seafood.

Seaborn Fresh Seafoods公司于2010年4月开业,虽然还是一个新的企业,但是我们的经营团队成员在海鲜行业的年资合计已超过40年。我们的经营目标:为客户提供优质的服务,出众的品质和丰富的产品系列。

Have a look at what our customers think of us! 听一听我们的客户怎么评价我们的!
See what some of Brisbane’s well known Restaurants & Wet Shop we supply our seafood to and what they have to say about Seaborn Fresh Seafoods. 来看看由我们供货的布里斯班最富盛名的餐厅和海鲜店铺吧,听听他们是怎么评价我们Seaborn Fresh Seafods 的。

Top Quality Suppliers! 顶级供应商
Look at our top class suppliers and Fisheries that we source our seafood from, simply click on our Industry Links page. 您只需要点击“行业链接”,就可以看到我们都是从哪些顶级供应商和渔场进货的。

Get to know us! 了解更多
Our team is comprised of well known names in the seafood industry. Such as Isabell Williams, Val Bottle, Ross Barber and many more! Find out about them on our Meet the team page.
我们的团队成员都是行业中的知名人士,例如Isabell Williams, Val Bottle, Ross Barber, 等等!进入“公司团队”页面,您可以了解更多。

Sustainability in the fresh seafood industry
Seaborn Fresh Seafoods are well aware of the effects on our environment and we strive to buy from companies that are environmentally conscious. Such as CEAS Crabpak who were the
first fishery in Queensland to be announced as sustainable under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Tassal are another supplier we proudly support that are well aware of their impact on the environment. Tassal have their own Chief Sustainability Officer who is part of the executive management team. The Sustainability Officer has a team who all work closely with environmental specialists & local researchers to provide the highest quality sustainability in the Tasmanian Salmon Industry.

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns are one of Australia’s leading fully integrated prawn farming operations, and were one of only two companies awarded Grand Champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show in the farmed prawn category.

Seaborn Fresh Seafoods deals with fisheries that support sustainability so we can ensure the future of Australia’s world renowned Quality Fresh Seafood.

About us
Those who have followed our story from the beginning, will recognize the name. Marco Berta was the Owner of a Company called Seaborn Seafoods. After great success Seaborn was sold to Sam’s Seafood. After the close of Sam’s, Andrew Spryopoulos and Marco Berta then started our journey at Brisbane Wholesale Foods.

You’re probably thinking Why the name? Why Seaborn Fresh Seafoods? Whilst negotiating details with Isabel in regards to sharing our factory, Marco said jokingly “If you call the company Seaborn, we’ll make the rent cheaper!” who would have thought when Isabel said “OK” she would actually do it.

That is how Seaborn Fresh Seafoods was born, reborn!

Meet the team

Isabel Williams – Managing Director
Isabel has been in the seafood industry for 25 years, dealing with both fresh & frozen seafood. Working in significant roles for companies such as Pacific West and Gambaros Seafoods. Isabel worked at Pacific West for 10 years as their State Manager, purchasing from overseas, and selling to wholesale businesses throughout Queensland. Isabel is well known and highly commended in the seafood industry.

Isabel was the General Manager at Gambaros seafoods, being involved in all aspects of the business, including purchasing stock and in charge of Sales & Distribution.

Isabel has always been very passionate and dedicated to provided exceptional service to the customers, doing whatever it takes to service each customers individual needs at a high standard and professionalism.

Ross Barber – Sales Representative
Ross has worked in the seafood industry for over 10 years, dealing with both Wholesale & Retail Sectors, in roles such as managing the Coles Fresh Seafood Division, and working in Wet Shops. Ross was the Restaurant Divion Sales Representative at Southern Cross Fisheries for 5 years, whislt studying Business management at Sunshine Coast University. .

Ross posses exceptional product knowledge in combination with his determination to provide his customers with exceptional service and quality.



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