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Urangan Fisheries Map – Hervey Bay

Paul Hodson
Phone: 61 07 4125 1077
Fax: 61 07 4125 3224
Mobile: 61 0408 062 425
E-Mail: paulhodson@uranganfisheries.com.au

Sean Burvill – Local Sales
Phone: 61 07 4125 1077 (Ext 22)
Fax: 61 07 4125 3224
Mobile: 0448 031 468

Ramesh Sivaram – Asian Operations
Fax: 91 80 5110 2019
Mobile: 0011 9198 8607 1019
E-Mail: ramesh@uranganfisheries.com.au

Urangan Fisheries has been professionally processing and exporting fresh and frozen seafood to Asia, United States of America and the European Union for over ten years. This has seen the company expand its operations to include two factories at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. These positions on the Queensland coast enable us to offer increased volumes and varieties of seafood, from the pristine waters off the Queensland coast, to the world.

Urangan Fisheries is approved by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) to process and export seafood products. The majority of the boats we source products from are also approved to process products to be exported to the E.U. and USA.

Our two modern factories located along the Queensland coast enable us to source large volumes of fresh and frozen seafood, which is then processed under a HACCP system by our experienced and highly trained staff.

Another advantage that Urangan Fisheries enjoys is the relationship with our sister company Schulz Fisheries, who own and operate 7 Prawn/Scallop catching vessels in the region. This means that we have control over the quality of the product from the time it is caught until we send it to our customers all over the world. However we are not limited to sourcing products from just these vessels in fact we can unload any of the fishing vessels along the extensive Queensland coast.

Products that we currently supply include the following:
– Queensland Roe Off Scallop Meat or Half Shell (Amusium balloti).
– Brown Tiger Prawns (Penaeus esculentus).
– Eastern King Prawns (Penaeus plebejus).
– Blue Endeavour Prawns (Metapenaeus endeavouri).
– Red Spot King prawns (Penaeus longitstylus)
– Banana Prawns (Penaeus merguiensis)
– Extensive range of Reef Fish (fresh and frozen).
– Various Estuary Fish (fresh and frozen).
– Moreton Bay Bugs (Thenus orientalis).
– Blue Swimmer Crabs (Portanus pelagicus).
– Mud Crabs (Scylia serata).
– Spanner Crabs (Ranina Ranina)
– and much more..

– Prawns
– Scallops
– Scallops
– Cray Fish
– Crabs
– Reef Fish
– Estuarine Fish



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