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Richmond Oysters
Address: 437-441 Church Street, Richmond, 3121
Tel: 03 9428 5121 (Retail)

Tel: 03 9429 2022 (Wholesale)

Welcome To Richmond Oysters
Richmond Oysters is one of Melbourne’s major retailers, wholesalers and distributors of fresh and frozen seafood together with a large variety of general fresh and frozen foods. Our aim is to provide a professional and efficient service that will meet every need. We deliver quality product that meets the required high standards of the Australian Food Industry.

About Us

In 1959, brothers Tony & Nick Anassis commenced operations in a single fronted retail outlet in Church Street Richmond. While one shucked oysters & tended to customers, the other peddled their wares to pubs, restaurants & cafes in and around Melbourne. Richmond Oysters was born.

From its humble beginning the small business quickly developed. Providing a growing variety of produce including fresh fish & general seafood to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Today, Richmond Oysters retains its iconic heritage and continues to operate from the original location set up by the adventurous pair – a testament to their vision. It also continues to provide a service that delivers an extensive range of the freshest fish; the extended variety of seafood that Melbourne demands, together with a total offer in fresh and frozen general foods. And it continues to do so in the tradition set down by Tony & Nick. Indeed many of Melbourne ‘s successful seafood providers have learnt their trade during their formative years as Richmond Oyster employees, all of which contributes to this strong and vibrant industry.

Richmond Oysters enjoys a client base with much diversity including most Five Star hotel groups and establishments in the CBD and surrounds with many cafes and Hotels throughout the suburbs.

Together with this heritage, unparalleled prowess in Seafood, a dedicated 55 strong team and fleet of 11 vehicles, we pledge to continue that tradition.

As well as continuing to deliver quality produce to businesses, Richmond Oysters also provides a top quality dining experience and retail service to the general public in its recently renovated eatery style café & bar.

Richmond Oysters recognizes its position in the market place as leader in its field.

It remains focused on continual improvement and the ongoing refinement of business processes for the benefit of its customers and staff.

It has a commitment to a superior standard of quality, and to remain dedicated to delivering the highest possible standard of product to its diverse customer base.

Wholesale Categories – Top Level
Chips & Other Potato Products
Convenience Food
Dry Goods
Finger Food
Fruit & Veg
Other Chilled Food
Pasta & Noodles
Poultry & Game



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