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Blue Sky Fisheries Pty Ltd
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Address: 5181 Carrington Street, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 5000
Telephone: +61 8 8359 3088
Fax: +61 8 8359 2900

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Blue Sky Fisheries Pty Ltd offers premium, niche market seafood products to the Australian and international marketplace. We are an Australian seafood trading company, trading internationally. Our aim is to delight our customers with exceptional seafood products and personalised customer service.

Headed by Adrian Chng and David Pickles who between them have over 35 years experience in the seafood industry, Blue Sky has an extensive network of valued suppliers able to provide high quality seafood tailored to our customers’ needs.

Blue Sky offers a sales, marketing and logistics service to Australian abalone quota owners and other seafood producers.

With over 35 years combined experience behind us, and an established network of worldwide contacts, we are able to offer a seamless service that can include:
– Logistics (domestic and international freight)
– Organisation of processing arrangements
– Sales and marketing
– Promotion

We are proud to be associated with many quota owners in South Australia who share our passion for providing quality abalone products to our valued customers.

Abalone Products
Through our close association with abalone quota owners and divers Blue Sky is able to offer premium abalone products sourced from the pristine waters of southern Australia.

The abalone that we offer is primarily harvested from the unpolluted, remote coastline of South Australia, a coastline that spans more than 5,000km offering unspoilt beauty and treasures from the sea.

Blue Sky is proud to be the export marketing agents for Streaky Bay Marine Products Pty Ltd. Streaky Bay Marine Products abalone is harvested from the West Coast of South Australia. The company’s philosophy is to produce the highest quality abalone and the product is handled with utmost care from the ocean floor to the final package.

We are also proud to be closely associated with abalone divers in the Central Zone of South Australia. Abalone from this area is harvested from the beautiful , clear waters off Kangaroo Island and the Yorke Peninsula. This zone of South Australia’s abalone fishery predominantly produces greenlip abalone in the medium and smaller size ranges.

Abalone is also sourced from the Southern Zone of South Australia, a wild and remote coastline which predominately produces blacklip abalone.

Once prized from the rocks by experienced abalone divers, the abalone are quickly transported to leading processing establishments, all approved by the Australian Quarantine and Export Service (AQIS).

Other Seafood

Sourced from the cold ocean between Northern China and South Korea our frozen garfish (Hemiramphus Sajori) is a premium product specifically processed to suit the Australian market.

The northern garfish is ocean caught and the fishermen have been trained by Blue Sky to handle the garfish with care on board the boats. Once landed, the garfish are quickly transported to a HACCP accredited processing facility. The processing is closely supervised by Blue Sky representatives to ensure that Australian quality standards are met.

South Australian King George Whiting
King George Whiting is South Australia’s premium fish species. It has a reputation Australia wide for its delicate flavour and excellent eating properties. Sourced from the pristine waters off Streaky Bay in South Australia the King George Whiting is caught by line and processed whilst extremely fresh. Availability is subject to seasonal variation.

Flake (shark)
Processed to exacting standards in China our flake (shark) fillets from the species Carcharhinus Brachyurus are making waves in the Australian market. The white flesh, flaky texture and moist, tastiness make these fillets perfect for the fish & chippy. Our flake is available year round in various size specifications.

Smooth Oreo Dory
Sourced from the cool southern ocean around New Zealand our smooth dory is frozen on board the catching vessels then transported to China for processing in a state of the art facility. This species produces firm white fish fillets with a delicate flavour. Perfect for dishes where a firm textured fish is required such as curries or stews.

Renowned for its exceptional eating characteristics, Western Australian whitebait is highly sought after. A highly seasonal and opportunistic catch which Blue Sky offers subject to availability.



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