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Address: 52 Loop Road Cambridge Tasmania 7170 Australia
Tel: +61 3 6248 4542
Fax: +61 3 6248 4543
Mobile: +61 (0) 438 627 900
Managing Director – Michael Blake
Secretary/Director – Kent Way

Welcome to Red Dragon Seafoods Pty Ltd
Kent Way brings twenty-seven years of rock lobster fishing experience to Red Dragon Seafoods and has his own fishing vessel and lobster quota,  whilst Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fish processing, having spent 10 years in Seafood processing and exporting, while also owning two Seafoods retail outlets in the Hobart Tasmanian area.

About Us
While Red Dragon Seafoods was only established in 2009 it’s two directors have been a vast knowledge of the seafood industry and together they have created an international and locally respected company.

Red Dragon Seafoods has its own lobster catching vessel which allows us you control quality and supply. We also source a large amount of lobster from other professional fisherman.

Our Lobsters are sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmanian Australia, and our industry is heavily monitored and catches are restricted to ensure no over fishing occurs.

We supply a large local and international network of customers. We supply some well know celebrity chefs with our lobster as well as Nicks and his chain of restaurants in Sydney.

During the 2010 Christmas period our industry was hit by smuggling issues on the Chinese boarders. This caused all exports to china to stop and we had to adapt to selling to the Local Tasmanian public and Nick’s in Sydney. Our company and our fisherman would like to personally thank those people and Nick’s restaurants for their support in that difficult time.

Sense boarder issues in China, Red Dragon Seafoods along with the Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fisherman’s Association (TRLFA) have been working to create a legal supply route into China. Red Dragon Seafoods has now secured a signed contract with a Chinese company that is working with us to provide legal quality Rock Lobster into china for the first time.

Red Dragon Seafoods now wants to support the Local markets back by providing this Mail out service. Shortly you will be able to order your lobster online and receive them at you house in less than 48 hours. Initially the products that will be available will be Live Southern Rocklobster and Fresh cooked Southern Rocklobster at wholesale prices.

We look forward to doing business with you soon!



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