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Postal Address: Abacus Fisheries, PO BOX 626 Carnarvon Western Australia
Telephone: 61 8 9941 2030
Facsimile: 61 8 9941 2025
Email: peter@abacusfisheries.com.au
Website: http://www.abacusfisheries.com.au/

About Abacus Crab

Abacus fisheries is focussed on quality – their environmental management, catching and processing operations exceed recognised standards

Abacus crab is produced by Abacus Fisheries, an integrated fishing company involved in the catching, processing and marketing of premium seafood. Located in the World Heritage listed Shark Bay, Western Australia, Abacus has undertaken to develop a fishing, processing and marketing business which operates to worlds best practice in every aspect of their marine and land based activities.

Located in Shark Bay, 1,000km north of the Western Australian capital, Perth, Abacus is owned and operated by the Jecks family, long term residents and staunch environmentalists.

Abacus fisheries have long been regarded by discerning buyers in both the domestic Australian and export markets of Europe, Japan and the USA, for the consistently high quality of the seafood they produce.

To Abacus Fisheries, quality is everything!
The Abacus Blue Swimmer Crab from Shark Bay in North West, Western Australia carries a number of unique culinary and commercial features.

Harvested from the pristine environment of Shark Bay, an area recognized for the unique quality of the seafood it produces, the Blue Swimmer Crab from this region is characterized as having a sweet clean flavor and firm texture .

A tightly controlled fishing environment, Shark Bay fishermen are respected globally for their environmental standards.
Abacus Fisheries utilize fishing practices which exceed prescribed levels of sustainable fishing.

Harvested live daily, the crabs are returned immediately to the port of Carnarvon, where they are immediately sedated prior to being cooked, graded, individually packed and blast frozen at the Abacus factory.

The Abacus facility is the largest, most technologically advanced, purpose built, crab processing facility in Australia and is geared to one thing, – producing a culinary superior crab.

The integrity of the crab is maintained through careful handling and vigilant quality control. Crabs are packed whole, individually wrapped and frozen – a form which further protects the integrity of the flesh through storage and transport.

Abacus Crab Products
– Pure Prawn Shots
– Tom Yum Kaffir Lime and Pineapple Prawn Shots
– Wasabi Cream and Sesame
– Salmon Shots
– Trio Catering Pack
– Whole Cooked Crab
– Premium Crab Meat
– Crab Cakes



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