Notre Dame Seafoods Inc.



Notre Dame Seafoods Inc.
Head Office Address: 88 Kenmount Road, St. Johns, NL, A1B 3R1
Phone: 709-758-0034
Fax: 709-753-0241
Contact Person: Jason Eveleigh, President COO

Notre Dame Seafoods inc.
Plants: P.O. Box 201, Comfort Cove, NL, A0G 3K0
A1B 4B8 Ph: 709-244-5511
Fax: 709-244-3451

Notre Dame Seafoods, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 309, Twilingate, NL, A0G 4M0
Phone: 709-884-1260
Fax: 709-884-1263

Notre Dame Seafoods has Newfoundland roots as deep as the North Atlantic.
Established in 1944, in beautiful Comfort Cove, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland, our company began as a primary producer of fish and pelagics.
After a change in ownership in 1989, Notre Dame Seafoods became a subsidiary of the Newfoundland-owned and operated, Pike Group of Companies.

Fresh Newfoundland Seafood, from Water to Wharf Notre Dame Seafoods is dedicated to supplying fresh seafood and fish products, from water to wharf. Our fresh raw materials are supplied by experienced local fish harvestors from our communities, with a long and proud history of landing the freshest, highest-quality seafood products.

Our fleet of vessels is primarily owner-operated, with most ranging in size from 55-65 feet. Over the years, Notre Dame Seafoods has built successful partnerships with our harvestors, ensuring primary access for all fresh catches.

MapNotre Dame Seafoods — Exceeding International Food Safety Facility Standards Notre Dame Seafoods has two processing plants, both located in communities in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. The Comfort Cove facility produces mainly crab, pelagic and ground fish products, while the Twillingate operation is dedicated to cooked and peeled shrimp products

Both plants adhere to the highest international standards for food safety. Our highly trained staff of over 350 are dedicated to maintaining the rigid product specifications and standards that set Notre Dame Seafoods apart.

Notre Dame Seafoods voluntarily follows HACCP, EFSIS and other leading industry standards and practises, plus our products are fully traceable — we know it makes all the difference.

Certifications of Notre Dame Seafoods
– Grade A, Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC)
– Certificate of Registration of a Fish Processing Establishment
– (CFIA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

– Notre Dame Seafoods sells frozen coldwater seafood products all over the world — mainly North America, Asia and Europe.
– All our seafood products are high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids – perfect for health conscious consumers. Easy to cook, and makes any meal delicious!
– While we package products under our NDS brand, we are capable of meeting consumers’ demands in packing their brand as well.

Our range of coldwater seafood products includes the following:
Snow Crab Coldwater Shrimp Greenland Halibut/Turbot Capelin Mackerel



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