Nesbakk AS.
ALNESGARD 6055 GODØYA Møre og Romsdal

On board
Bridge: 004721549079
Mess: 004721549079

Telephone: 004770129401

Our Locations
Nesbakkbuda is the company’s own station for storage and maintaning of all the gear Nesbakk uses. Nesbakkbuda is located at the Godoeya harbour, Geilane.

BS Okonomi, Aalesund
BS Okonomi is the company’s office in Aalesund.

Since the 15th century our forefathers have lived of fishing. We see ourselves as a link in the same chain. Our goals is still to take care of the  fishing stock, our crew and the development of our equipment. When we have a good vessel, the right equipment and a skilled crew we meet these goals for ourselves and the next generations.

By the vessel Nesbakk, it’s equipment and it’s crew, we see ourselves as compatible to deliver the best quality longlined fish.

Company History
In 1974 the young cousins Leif Steinar Alnes and Arild ALnes had been fishermen for a few years on the family fishing boat. One day they decided to start for themselves and signed up for a year of school with fishing subject and navigational certification.

After successfully finishing school in 1975 they bought a part of Hans Brungots fishing boat “hoeydoelen” and started the partnership firm “PR Hoeydoelen”. “Hoeydoelen” was 55 feet and equipped with traditional lining gear and gill nets.

Three years later, in 1979 the boat was too small so they bought the bigger 65 feet long “Skjongholm”, equally equipped. They fishing had been good and now Arild’s brother Vidar Alnes also bought into the partnership and it changed name to “PR Skjongholm”.

In 1981 Hans Brungot retired and his son Aage Brungot took over his father’s part. in 1985 the partnership decided to extend the business, and bought the 27 meter long vessel “Nesbakk” also equally equipped. After buying Nesbakk they again changed the name of hte partnership to “PR Alnes og Brungot”.

Both business and fishing went well and 10 years after the buying of hte first Nesbakk it was again time to expand. This time they went abroad to find  the right vessel. In 1995 in Cadana they bought a 34 meter long fishing vessel equipped for longlining, a more advanced and commercial kind of lining. This vessel was also rigged for gillnets. They renamed it “Nesbakk”. The investment was great success and for four years the partnership increased the wealth. In 1977 the partnership “PR Alnes og Brungot” changed class to privated limited company and name to “Nesbakk AS”.

In 1999 it was time to expand again, and because of the great success from the first longliner they decided to build a new longliner themselves. Together with Rolls Royce Norvestconsult they made the design focusing on safety, comfort and modern equipment and technology for new “nesbakk”. This “Nesbakk” is the one “Nesbakk AS” owns today, and it is still one of Norway’s most advanced and efficient longliners. This vessel is also rigged for gillnet fishing.

In 2007 AAge Brungot sold himself out of “Nesbakk AS”. So today Nesbakk is a pure Alnes company own by Leif, Arild and Vidar Alnes.

As a forward-looking compnay we are interested in engaging in research of fishery and new equipment. Our vessel is available for research expeditions and also the testing of modern equipment. We are also open to customize our vessel to the different research.

Cod – We fish for Cod from September to January around Bjoernoeya in the Barents Sea. This fishing gear is longelines.
Haddock – We fish for Haddock from September to January around Bjoernoeya in the Barents Sea. THe fishing gear is longelines.
Ling – We fish for Ling from April to September in the western part of the North Sea. Fishing gear is longelines.
Saithe – We fish for Saithe from late January to April in the western part of the North Sea and on the coast of Moere. Fishing gear is gillnetts.



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