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Head Office Mariani Foods Pty Ltd
ABN: 32 081 070 368 – ACN: 081 070 368
Factory & Postal Address: 6 Foy Street, Casino NSW 2470, Australia
Telephone: +61-2-6662-2177
Facsimile: +61-2-6662-3931

Mariani Foods is Australia’s leading producer of Australian beef jerky. Supplying superior beef jerky for over 30 years to both the domestic and export markets. All our beef is export quality, derived from a free roaming, grass fed beef source that is one of the healthiest in the world. We’re dedicated to retaining the genuine spirit of the untouched Australian outback in all our delicious jerky flavours so our customers enjoy a truly unique Australian snack product. We pride ourselves on product innovation, and producing a superior tasting family snack, enjoyed across the world.

Our jerky is made from selected free roaming grass fed beef specifically suited to the Mariani product and process.

We use only the finest cuts of premium Australian export quality beef, hand cut to ensure the right thickness and further enhancing the authentic meaty flavour. Our beef is then marinated in carefully prepared spices to provide a variety of flavours. After the beef has been marinating, it is hand placed on racks and put into ovens and dried slowly, always ensuring a quality product with the right flavour and texture. Mariani’s modern food processing facility is maintained to the highest standards

Mariani has been exporting its beef jerky for over 30 years with hundreds of export clients attesting to the quality and popularity of our product. One of our largest export markets is Japan, supplying Costco and hundreds of other outlets. We are also proud to be the only beef jerky sold on the Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) for the Central Japan Railway Company. Our many years experience servicing export markets ensures that our overseas customers receive a quality product in the most expedient way possible. Mariani is equipped to ship goods worldwide, with the facilities to load 20 or 40 ft containers on site. Goods are shipped out of Brisbane (230km) or Sydney (1290km) sea ports, depending on the requirements of our clients. All containers are AQIS sealed before leaving the factory to ensure safety and that a premium quality product arrives at any of our destinations.

Our Products

Beef Jerky
Relive the authentic outback tradition with our premium 100% Australian beef jerky. A variety of delicious flavours, and a small reminder of the outback pioneering days, Mariani beef jerky is becoming the preferred snack option to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
As well as our great taste it’s 95% fat free, high in iron and low in cholesterol.
Whether your tastes are traditional or adventurous, Mariani beef jerky is the perfect snack for any occasion.

Game Jerky
Mariani game jerky provides the real wild taste of the Aussie outback.

Carefully selected and prepared so the taste is maintained, Mariani game jerky is favoured by many overseas customers, eager to give an authentic gift to family, friends and work colleagues back home.

Our game jerky is an ideal way to bring a new exotic flavour to your snack time and entertaining. Go on, taste the wild side of the Aussie outback today.



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