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Great Southern Waters Pty Ltd
Address: 366 The Esplanade, Indented Head, Victoria, 3223, Australia
Phone: 61 3 5257 2033
Fax: 61 3 5257 1544

About Jade Tiger Abalone
Great Southern Water’s own Jade Tiger Abalone™ is a unique product, it is exclusively bred by Great Southern Waters own advanced selective breeding program.

Great Southern Waters has co-invested in abalone breeding with Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and for more information refer to The bred Jade Tiger™ abalone is bred to produce premium farmed abalone.

To fulfill our commitment to producing premium quality Australian abalone, Great Southern Waters has received internationally recognised HACCP certification of its Food Safety Plan through SGS Systems & Services certification.

The Food Safety Plan ensures Jade Tiger Abalone™ meet the strict Australian Standards and includes a HACCP analysis of our entire operational processes. The Food Safety Plan also includes regular independent veterinary testing to ensures only the highest quality Jade Tiger Abalone is produced.

Great Southern Waters is also an Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) registered establishment for the export of live, frozen and canned abalone direct from our operations in Australia.

As a registered establishment, Great Southern Waters has an Approved Arrangement document which details our management practices and procedures, good manufacturing practices, HACCP Plan and standard operating procedures

Great Southern Waters is committed to the continuous supply of high quality Jade Tiger Abalone products which meet our customer’s requirements.
Jade Tiger Abalone Live
Jade Tiger Abalone Frozen
Jade Tiger Abalone Canned
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