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MG Kailis has an expanding network of retail outlets bringing the very best of our catch direct to you. MG Kailis retail outlets can be found at the following addresses:

Address: Shop 12/1 Marshall Road, Myaree WA 6154 (Just off Leach Hwy between Bunnings and McDonalds.)
Phone: 08 9317 6243
Email: melville@kailis.com.au
Website: http://www.kailis.com.au

Address: Shop 4/1 Kennedy Street., Exmouth WA 6707
Phone: 08 9949 2565
Email: exmouth@kailis.com.au

Retail Trucks
Our two Retail Trucks provide a weekly service to Pannawonica, Paraburdoo, Tom Price, Newman, South Port Hedland, Wickham and Karratha. For further information on times and locations contact us on: Phone: 08 9949 2565

Email: fishtruck@kailis.com.au
Companies – Interested in doing business with us?
For all enquiries except Tropical Rock Lobster, contact the Trading Department in our Fremantle Office:

Address: 50 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160
Phone: +618 9239 9213
Email: trading@kailis.com.au

For all enquiries regarding Tropical Rock Lobster contact our Cairns office:
Address: 16 Redden Street, Portsmith QLD 4870
Phone: +617 4035 6877
Email: brettarlidge@kailis.com.au or colleenkelly@kailis.com.au

Fishing Operations:
For enquiries regarding our fishing operation, please contact our Exmouth office:
Address: Exmouth Boat Harbour, Exmouth WA 6707
Phone: +618 9949 2497
Email: shannondandie@kailis.com.au

Seafood Trading   
The MG Kailis Seafood Trading Department and its products are highly regarded within the national and international seafood industries for many reasons. Among these are its commitment to economically and environmentally sustainable fishing practices, responsible management of the local environment and a willingness to comply with international fishing standards and regulations. In addition, MG Kailis offers superior quality products delivered in a timely manner and in the optimum quality.
MG Kailis imported product offering is of the highest possible standard compiling with all rules and regulations pertaining to wholesome, freshly processed and net weight. Importing a diverse product range sourced directly from the producer, MG Kailis has established an extensive sales network internationally and within Australia. This is supported by a genuine customer service philosophy; ensuring all products exceeds the clients’ requirements and expectations.

The extensive sales channels of the MG Kailis Group are also offered to a number of independent producers in Australia on a representative and consulting basis.

Quality is the key aspect of the MG Kailis service philosophy, and is assured by a trained quality control team and facilities at major procurement points.

The major benefits offered to the MG Kailis Trading and Marketing clients are:
– Direct access to the producer
– Premium quality
– Customer service
– A powerful global force
– Experience and connections

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MG Kailis has extensive national and international distribution arrangements. We service all the major Australian cities with our Exmouth, domestic and imported products.
MG Kailis has sales offices in Fremantle, Sydney and Brisbane and partner operations in both Melbourne and Adelaide.

Japan is our largest export market demanding large volumes of Exmouth Wild Prawns for their various markets. Japanese consumers are notoriously famous for being selective in their produce and their preference for Exmouth Wild Prawns is further evidence of the quality product that we produce.
MG Kailis has built extensive, and mutually profitable, long term trading relationships with customers in Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, the USA and Europe.

Tropical Rock Lobster
The MG Kailis Tropical Rock Lobster business is located in Cairns, North Queensland. It is Australia’s largest producer of Tropical Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus).
Here, Tropical Rock Lobster are hand-caught by divers. With no pots, nets, traps or baits used, there is no by-catch, which minimises the impact on the marine environment with-in the fishery.The fishery extends north from Cairns all the way to Papua New Guinea.

Live Australian and Papua New Guinean lobster is delivered directly from the Cairns export facility to international markets, predominantly Asia. Here, Panulirus ornatus is highly sought after for sashimi-style cuisine thanks to its taste and striking appearance.

MG Kailis live Austalian Lobster is marketed under the Tropical Star brand and the Papua New Guinean live lobster is marketed under the Warrior Reef Brand.

The MG Kailis Group also supplies premium quality frozen North Australian and Papua New Guinean lobster tails and lobster heads to the international market with a major focus on the USA.



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