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Address: 13 Malua Street, Reservoir, Victoria 3073, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9496 8888
Fax: +61 3 9462 6433

Welcome to Australian Sea Fisheries Group
Australian Sea Fisheries Group (ASFG) Pty Ltd (Ex 69) is one of the leading exporters of Australian Wild Abalone, Southern Rock Lobster and Giant Crab.

Australian Sea Fisheries Group is setting new benchmarks in seafood acquisition, processing and marketing to the world. Our team of industry experts lead by Managing Director, Mr Lou Da Lozzo, are dedicated to getting it completely right the first time, every time.

Strategic sites in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia ensures that Australian Sea Fisheries’ product comes from the most cleanest, greenest and pristine waters in the world.

Australian Sea Fisheries is committed to:
– A continuous improvement quality system so as to meet and supersede the expectations of customers and ultimately the consumer
– Protecting the sustainability of these resources
– Focusing on research and development for ensuring the purest form of each product is available

WILD AUSTRALIAN ABALONE of the genus Hallotiade is known across the world for its succulent, meaty texture and delicate flavour.

Abalone Blacklip (Haliotis Rubra) and Abalone Greenlip (Haliotis Laevigata)
Australian Abalone is a protected natural resource and is harvested by professional divers who are committed to the quality and the sustainability of the resource.
– Live
– Canned
– Frozen
– Vacuum Packed

SOUTHERN ROCK LOBSTER (Jasus Edwardsii) – from the Southern Ocean with its vibrant red colour, sweet taste and firm flesh is one of the world’s first choice in banquet Lobster.

Our Licensed Fisherman catch the rock lobsters in pots under strict quota set by the Australia Government to ensure quality and sustainability
– Live
– Tails Frozen
– Green Whole Frozen
– Cooked Whole Fresh
– Cooked Whole Frozen

GIANT CRAB (Psuedocacius Gigas) – also from the Southern Ocean, remains the most sought after banquet centrepiece.

Is sourced from the Southern Ocean and regulated by the Government using a quota system , size limits and seasonal closures.
– Live



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