South East Queensland Fish Pty Ltd



Address: 1044 Beaudesert-Beenleigh Rd, LUSCOMBE Queensland 4207
Phone: + 61 7 5546 4462
Fax: + 61 7 5546 4862

Talk to our friendly staff;
Managing Director: Dr Philip Chamberlain BVSC Hons, QCAH Hons, MRCVS
Production Manager: Matt Johnson
Office Manager: Vicki Watts

A veterinary consultant with 30 years experience in intensive animal production, especially in the dairy and aquaculture industries in Australia, Europe, SE Asia and the Pacific.

Following a career as a dairy farmer, Philip studied Veterinary Science, practiced in the UK and Australia, before managing dairy and aquaculture development projects in Australia, SE Asia the Pacific and Malaysia,

Philip also lectured in the University Of Queensland Veterinary School and managed the Dairy Research and Development Corporation’s northern research arm.  He is currently a Board Member of Farm Biz Queensland and manages a number of aquaculture R&D projects.

Philip’s biological, R&D and managerial experience in the development of intensive animal production projects provide a good background for him to manage SEQ Fish successfully


– South East Queensland Fish pack all fish in plastic bags with oxygen and water.
– If possible, place the bag in an esky or a cool dark place for the trip home.  The fish
– will last for several hours comfortably when packaged like this.
– When at the dam/tank, float the bag for 5-10 minutes in the water.  After this time open the bag and add some of the dam water to the bag until it is about half full.
– Leave the bag float for a further 5-10 minutes then let the fish go.
– The whole process should take no longer than 20 minutes.  Try to do this in the shade and do not do this in the heat of the day.  Try and add the cooler water from the deeper water in the dam, not the hot water on the surface.

If the fish start gasping at the surface of the water while still in the bag, let the fish go immediately.

SEQ Fish – Finalists in two Environmental Awards

Healthy Waterways Award 2007 – For efforts to protect and restore the waterways, catchments and bays of South East Queensland

Environmental Protection Agency Sustainable Industries Award 2007 – Recognising leadership and innovation in business and environmental sustainability



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