Frigorífico del Sud-Este S.A.



Address: Av. Juan B. Justo 3333 – (7600) Mar del Plata, Argentina
Tel: (54-223) 472-2544 / 4715 / 7054
Fax: (54-223) 474-5226

Our Company
Over half a century ago, prestige, experience, and the will of four German immigrant families came together to found Mar del Plata City’s first cold storage plant, offering a wide reception for goods.

They developed the structure of the plant, whose current capacity is of 20,000 cubic meters distributed in 30 cold storage rooms.

Since then and for three generations, FRIGORIFICO DEL SUD-ESTE S.A has worked year after year in the specialization of the cold industry for any kind of product, but mostly for fish, seafood, packing and freezing. Most of today’s largest companies in Mar del Plata requested our service in their early stages. Nowadays, all this experience can be appreciated through our uninterrupted export activity.

A specially conditioned area of 1.600 square meters has been assigned for processing and packaging commercial species, which are frozen in 6 tunnels (35 tons per day) and 3 double contact freezers (4 tons every 3 hours), with a whole storage capacity of 3.000 tons.

FRIGORIFICO DEL SUD-ESTE S.A has 100 employees who work under FDA HACCP guidelines as well as under EU rules, supplying very demanding markets.

Kurt Truppel, Vice-President of FRIGORIFICO DEL SUD-ESTE S.A. summarizes the company’s commercial strategy as follows: “We try to concentrate our production on the American market, in which we are one of the main suppliers of flounder, grouper and sea trout fillets. We also provide the European market with dogfish, kingclip and rock salmon, and the eastern market with specialties such a kingclip, shark fins and top shell meat”.

Besides, he claimed: “We are specialists in added value seafood products and at present we have a fresh export products division. We are the leading exporters of pre-cooked I.Q.F. top shell meat to U.S.A. and to eastern countries, as well as whiting cocochas and scargots to Spain, Portugal and France.

Last year the company was given an award by the U.S. Department of Transportation in recognition for our outstanding work and support to the United States Merchant Marine.

The company sales team is responsible for maintaining the high quality standards and sanitary controls in the trading of seafood products coming from several processors.

Anchovy – Engraulis Anchoita
Angel Shark – Squatina Argentina
Argentine Croaker – Umbrina Canosai
Carp – Cyprinus Carpio
Chub Mackerel – Scomber Japonicus
Croaker – Micropogonias Furnieri



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