CTLE Seafood, Inc.



CTLE Seafood, Inc.
Address: Elson St, Markham, ON L3S 4V1, Canada
Phone: 86-411 8673 7270
Fax: 86-411 8673 7270
Email: sales1.china@ctle-seafood.com

Address: Elson St, Markham, ON L3S 4V1, Canada
Phone:+1 905-910-1190
Fax: 1-905-910 1191
Email: sales@ctle-seafood.com
Website: http://www.ctle-seafood.com

About us
Welcome to CTLE Seafood, Inc.  We are a Canadian company with our own presence in China (located in Dalian, China). CTLE Seafood, Inc. was incorporated in the early 2000’s in Canada, however, seafood business goes back several generations which included processing, fishing and trading from early 1970’s to early 2000 with operations ranging from Central America to South Asia. Today CTLE Seafood, Inc. is a full time frozen seafood trading company which has established partners in Iceland and Western Canada, close cooperations in Norway, North/South America, China and our own representatives in South Asia.  This gives us the ability to supply a wide selection of frozen seafood products to our customers in North America, Europe and through out Asia only through our trusted sources and partners.

China Presence
All products are sourced through HACCP compliance and EU approved Plants.  We have personally visited and inspected over 100 processing plants from South to North China and selecting only a handful and established close cooperation.  Our strength in China lies in our ability to communicate both in English and Chinese, quick and fast responses, our own presence in China and that we supply some of the raw materials (WR/HG/HGT Fish and Squid Products) for reprocessing to our cooperating and other plants in China.  In return we are able to provide our customers true and honest information on the products, production and competitive pricing.  In addition to supplying plants with products for reprocessing, we have also established our selves to be a major supplier to China and through out Asia for their local and domestic demand for frozen seafood products.

Our partners are located in Western Canada and Iceland. We have full exclusivity and profit sharing structure in place, in order to provide competitive pricing and quality product to our customers.

– East & Southeast Asia
– Eastern Europe
– Europe
– North America
– South & Central America

– Albacore Tuna
– Capelin
– Arrow-tooth Flounder
– Atlantic Mackerel
– Black Cod / Sable Fish
– California Loligo Squid
– Chum Salmon
– Coho Salmon
– Greenland Halibut / Turbot
– Lobster
– Monkfish
– Pacific Hake
– Pacific Halibut
– Pink Salmon
– Redfish
– Scallop
– Skate
– Snow Crab
– Sockeye Salmon



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