Anhui Fuhuang Sungem Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd



Anhui Fuhuang Sungem Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd
Address: Fuhuang Industrial Park, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, China, 238076
Tel: +86-551-88564378
Fax: +86-551-88564378

Contact Person: Aero Wang
Tel: +86-551-88564378

Company Profile
Anhui Fuhuang Sungem Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. (Plant No.:3400/02027; FDA No.: 15650589776), established in 2002 and located in Chaohu–one of the five largest fresh lakes in China, is a national leading enterprise of aquatic products. Sungem is dedicated to constructing the whole industrial chain of aquatic products, including the aquatic seedling breeding, net cage breeding, further processing, global trade and tourism agriculture.

Sungem owns 28 acre processing area, 8000 tons refrigeration storage, 11 production lines, 1000 employees ,7 workshop, with 50,000 tons processing capacity of aquatic products every year.

The main products are Crayfish Tail Meat, (Salted) Alaska Pollock, Pink Salmon, Catfish, Tilapia and other aquatic products. Sungem gets the export registration of Russia, Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and so on. Sungem also passes the HACCP, BRC, IFS, MSC, DIPOA, NOAA and Walmart Audit. The main markets are North America, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Africa and other 50 countries and areas.


Dried Silverfish
Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet
Dried Shrimp
Salted Alaska Pollock Fillet
Dried Peeled Shrimp
Frozen Pink Salmon Portion
Frozen Pink Salmon Fillet
Dried Anchovy
Frozen Pink Salmon Steak
Anchovy Dishes
Frozen Pink Salmon Burger
Pink Salmon Bits&Pieces Blocks
Frozen whole cooked crawfish-Unseasoned
IQF Crawfish tail meat
BQF Crawfish tail meat
Dragon-Phoenix roll (mix with the filling of fish meat and pork meat)
Golden fish patties
Fish Tofu
Fish roll
High-grade cuttlefish ball
Black mushroom Shaomai
Pork ball
Shrimp flavored fish ball
Shrimp fish roll with filling
Roll with pork filling
Chinese Tempura
Beef ball
Juicy small fish ball
Freshwater fish ball
Conch ball
Imitation crab roll
Juicy beef ball
Crab cutlet with filling (small)
Squid sausage
Squid bar
Fish ball
Crispy sausage
Alaska Pollock Bits & Pieces Sauce
Catfish Bits & Pieces Hot & Spicy Sauce
Crawfish Tail Meat Hot & Spicy Sauce
Peeled Shrimp Hot & Spicy Sauce
Catfish Bits & Pieces Sauce
Silverfish Hot & Spicy Sauce
Anchovy Hot & Spicy Sauce
Catfish Hot & Spicy Sauce
Peeled Shrimp Sauce
Whole Cooked Crawfish in Dill Brine
Whole Cooked Crawfish with Pepper
Frozen Catfish Whole Round
Frozen Channel Catfish Fillet
Frozen Tilapia Fillet
Frozen silver fish


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