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Quanzhou Huangda Fishery Co., Ltd
Address: Jinhuai, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Telephone: 86-595-22515880
Fax: 86-595-22515508
Website: http://www.huangdaseafoods.com
Contact Person: Ms. Ann Li

Company Introduction
Quanzhou Huangda Fishery Co., Ltd. is situated in the international garden city of Quanzhou. We are a specialized in producing and exporting of sea cuisine items in China. Our main products cover all variety of seasonal and frozen seafood, including Frozen Pacific Mackerel Fish, horse mackerels, sardines, codfishes, tunas, large and small shrimps, squids, cuttlefishes and crabs. The company was founded in the year 2006, we operate all the processes like fish processing, testing of health, administrating and selling) securely and deftly. We have our own professional fishing teams and they catch fishes around all the coasts of China, which is the reason why we can supply a variety of seafood products in large amount. We have brought advanced processing and packing equipments, perfect testing and quality check method and administrative system and owned professional workshops. We can provide all kinds of processing according to the clients every requirement, including headless, tail-off, gutted, and skin-off.

Our pursuit of first-rate quality, competitive prices offers both potential and long-standing clients confidence in our company. We have established good cooperation and business relationships with both domestic and overseas companies, covering most of Southeast Asian, European, American and African countries. We are looking forward to cooperating with you under the principle of mutual benefits and equality. Any inquiry is highly appreciated.


Frozen Fish
These days it may be tough to search out any fish from the water that is not available in the nearby market. As for quality, it depends how you are going to cook it. Fish that has neer been frozen is simpler to grill. Antecedent frozen fish does not sear nearly furthermore as sneer frozen fish. For cooking or baking, antecedent frozen would possibly truly be higher.

Frozen fish taste good if its frozen properly. The length of your time frozen is additionally a difficulty. there are cells or cell walls that burst open and leek some reasonably nasty style into the meat. People go meat fishing at least double a year (salmon) and bring home a good thirty lbs of fish. It is often frozen for a couple of week, and nobody would be able to tell the distinction between fresh and frozen at that time. After that, it gets slightly incomplete. If you vacuum pack it properly, you’ll get six months out of it, however you’ll still tell its frozen. If you have got a decent supply for frozen fish, roll with it. Simply bear in mind, once you get some that is not so nice, you cannot be expecting the globe. Fishy tasting fish is totally unacceptable. It means that its no sensible.

We have wide of variety of frozen fish ranging from Tilapia Fish, Sea Bass Fish, Frozen Golden Fish, Bonito Fish to Pomfret Fish, frozen pacific mackerel , Sardine and many more.
Get the frozen fish you want with the same great taste like the fresh one. Order it now

– Mackerel Horse Fish Frozen Round (120-140g/pcs)
– Spanish Mackerel Fish
– Pomfret Fish (IQF-Whole Round Black )
– Frozen Bonito Fish
– Frozen Golden Pomfret Fish
– Sea Bass Fish (Frozen W/R)
– Tilapia Fish (Frozen W/R)
– Frozen W/R Round Scad (Muroaji)
– Frozen Pacific Mackerel Fish 8-10pcs/kg
– Frozen Pacific Mackerel For Canning
– Frozen Horse Mackerel For Bait
– Frozen Jack Mackerel Fish 6-8 Pcs/kg

Frozen Mollusks
Looking for a prime supplier of sea food or conscious about your diet and searching for the famous and reliable seafood (fresh or frozen) supplier Huangdaseafoods.com is a trusted supplier of frozen seafood from china. Our main products are Frozen Pacific Mackerel, Tilapia, Frozen mollusks, shell fish and other famous sea foods.

Quality is among our highest priority and me make no compromise in it. In addition we also take safety and health parameters when freezing seafood because we want our customers to have the best available fishes with full of nourishment and health.

That is why we take extra precaution when freezing the fish and also do a blast freeze method which locks the nourishment and vitamins inside the fish for a long time. Frozen Pacific Mackerel is among our prime product and we have became the biggest and most trusted supplier of this fish in the mainland. We can supply our product all over the world. So add seafood in your diet and live a healthy life.

– Frozen Baby Octopus
– Frozen Squid Tube
– Frozen W/r Octopus
– Frozen IQF Squid

Frozen Crustaceans
In human begins taste is the one of the thing that varies from person to person and it is not same for all the peoples. Similarly when you eat sea food than you can easily get many different things like fishes, and many other sea items that are highly demanded by market for local customers. There is a lot of variety in seafood also it is very good for health and gives many benefits.

Frozen Pacific Mackerel is also a best option for all sea food lovers who want to enjoy tasty food. This is very popular by customers and the demand is increasing in the fish market for this special frozen fish day by day. This item is now you can easily buy from the open market in exchange of very cheap prices that you can easily afford and also a middle income person can easily buy and enjoy the taste.

www.huangdaseafoods.com is a leading name is supplying Frozen Pacific Mackerel, Frozen crustaceans and other seafood all across China. We are the best quality suppliers and we gather our fish stock from the suburbs of China.
– Frozen Blue Cut Crab
– Raw Frozen Shrimp
– Frozen Canned Crab Meat
– Frozen Crab Claw Meat
– Frozen Redspot Swimming Crab
– Frozen Cut Crab

Frozen Shellfish
– Frozen Short Neck Clam
– Frozen Mussel Meat
– Frozen Taiwan Abalone


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