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Contact Person: Andrea Wells & Nathan Maxwell Mcginn
Phone: +61 (8) 9335 6244

Craig Mostyn Group (“Craig Mostyn”) is one of Australia’s leading diversified food and agribusiness companies servicing customers and suppliers both domestically and overseas.

Operating across Australia from state-of-the-art processing facilities in Western Australia and Tasmania, Craig Mostyn produces fresh pork, seafood, protein meal, tallow, cooking oils and fruit products to be distributed to food service, retail and wholesale clients.

Stanley Fish
The Craig Mostyn Group owns and operates Stanley Fish located in the North West of Tasmania. Established in 1945 the company has positioned itself as a premium supplier of Live Southern Rock Lobster, Live Deep Sea Giant Crab and Scallops to the major markets around the world.

Stanley Fish has strategically located depots across Tasmania ensuring consistent supply throughout the season. The pristine environment that boats operate in provides our processing facility with what is considered some of the best quality lobster in Australia.

The catching season is broken up into two parts:
– November 15th to February 28th
– March 1st to September 15th

Tasmania is the only Southern Rock Lobster fishery to operate almost year round providing stable supply to our valued customers throughout South East Asia.

Marketing Services
Craig Mostyn has a long and proud history in the international trade of Australian products to the rest of the world. Its Seafood Export division currently markets for a number of quality Australian suppliers, our long term customers throughout Asia consistently seek new products and opportunities.

With experience in live, chilled and frozen commodities and its experienced documentary and accounts departments, Craig Mostyn ensures accurate customs clearance and prompt payments.

With its knowledge of international trade and the potential barriers to market entry, Craig Mostyn can assist you to access a global consumer base. It offers:
– Real time market information relayed to you on current trends.
– Assistance with freight.
– Prompt payment and effective debtor collection.
– Proven record with quality disputes and negotiations between suppliers and customers. We will recover any proven transport damage from carriers. We have access to quality surveyors and inspectors in export hubs, which we can use on mutual agreement.
– Exporting information and market entry advice.


Craig Mostyn is a leading exporter of live seafood. Its products include:
– Live Australian Lobster
– Renowned the world over for its exceptional quality and flavour
– Live King Crab
– Sought after for their unique taste and shape
– Live Abalone
– Harvesting in Tasmania makes up 25 per cent of the world’s production
– Tropical Tails
– Caught in the clean, warm waters of the Torres Strait
– Scallops

Craig Mostyn’s seafood products are exported from production facilities across Australia. The Group’s seafood products carry the brand names Stanley Fish, Five Star, Ocean Foods and Apollo Bay. Annually, Craig Mostyn exports in excess of 600 metric tonnes of seafood to Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and the United States.

Seafood Export
Craig Mostyn exports Live Australian Lobster, Live King Crab, Live Abalone and Scallops from production facilities across Australia.

Its seafood products carry the brand names:
– Stanley Fish
– Five Star
– Ocean Foods
– Apollo Bay
– Jaybow
– Fishbrook

Annually, Craig Mostyn exports in excess of 600 metric tonnes of seafood to Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and the United States.



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