Nhan International Export & Import Co. Pty. Ltd.



Address: 41 Clapham Road, Regents Park, NSW 2143 Australia
Phone: +612 9644 4773
Fax: +612 8003 2061
Email: info@nhan.com.au
Website: http://www.nhan.com.au

About Us
Nhan International is a seafood importer and exporter that specializes in sourcing the finest fresh and frozen seafood from around the world and providing it to restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses across Australia. We search the world for the freshest and most in-demand seafood products, and our selection includes such premium products as prawns and scallops of several types and sizes, fish fillets and ready-to-cook items such as spring rolls and lobster balls.

Although we challenge you to find another seafood wholesaler able to offer seafood products with the same combination of price and quality that we offer, we believe that in the current economic climate a seafood wholesaler needs to do more than provide a superior product at a competitive price. We consider ourselves more than a supplier of products — we are also a valued partner for your business. As our customer, you will receive exclusive access to our extensive industry research, providing insider information and reports that can give your business an edge over its competitors.

Founded in 1993 by Vietnamese entrepreneur Van Lo Nhan, Nhan International was born out of a need for fresh seafood in the Sydney area. Nhan formed an alliance with his brother — a veteran seafood exporter in Vietnam — through which a supply of the world’s most exotic and in-demand seafood would be shipped by air weekly. We grew quickly during those early years, and it was not long before businesses around New South Wales were ordering thousands of kilograms of seafood from us every week.

At first, Nhan International primarily served the local Asian population, including Asian grocery stores and Vietnamese seafood markets. However, the demand for high-quality seafood is universal, and by the end of the 2000s, we had expanded our operation to include a massive warehouse with the ability to store vast quantities of seafood at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. We also forged new relationships with local fishing operations in our unending quest to provide the greatest seafood variety available from any wholesaler in Australia.

The Nhan International Difference
In the competitive food services industry, we believe that providing great seafood at the best price anywhere in Australia is only the first step in creating the superb customer experience that other wholesalers are so envious of. We also give your business the power of exclusive information and data to which no other wholesaler has access. This information includes regular reports of current trends and developments within the seafood industry, allowing you to spot emerging opportunities and take advantage of them before your competitors while avoiding putting too much money into a trend that may turn out to be a temporary fad. In addition, we provide reports detailing your previous purchase trends, allowing you to anticipate changing customer needs and avoid over-purchasing.

Information is power, and only Nhan International has the ability to provide in-depth statistics and data on your business and the customers it serves, the businesses with which you compete and the Australian seafood industry as a whole. Call Nhan International today to learn more about how we can help your business grow and prosper.



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