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Blue North Trading Co., LLC
Address: 2940 Westlake Ave. North #200, Seattle WA 98109, United States of America
Tel: 206-282-3114
Fax: 206-282-3117
Lance Magnuson – Managing Director

About Us
A Commitment to Quality & Customer Service
Blue North Trading Company, LLC. is the exclusive sales agent for Blue North  Fisheries. Blue North Fisheries owns and operates 7 frozen at sea longliners and 4 crab vessels.

We are also involved in trading activity including Pacific salmon, Pacific halibut, blackcod, albacore tuna, trawl caught Pacific cod and pollock. Product is produced in Alaska, British Columbia and Western United States.
Our main focus is the marketing of high quality, frozen at sea, long line harvested Pacific cod to international markets. We supply raw material directly to processors for filleting, salting, portioning and smoking.

We are proud of the product we market. We stand behind the quality of our products. We pride ourselves on our clean export documentation. With over 25 years experience in exporting seafood, we provide professional customer service.

Freezer Longliners Under Exclusive Sales Agency
F/V Blue North  174ft    380mt
F/V Blue Pacific 180ft   313mt
F/V Blue Gadus 152ft   358mt
F/V Blue Attu     137ft  228mt
F/V Blue Ace     124ft  154mt
F/V Blue Star     138ft  135mt
F/V Blue Ballard  107ft  145mt

Blue North Trading Co. Quality
From the clean waters of the North Pacific, we offer the highest quality seafood. Sustainability harvested with utmost care for the resource, we offer prompt shipment to worldwide destinations.

Blue North Trading Co. Reliability
Our business is export. With over 25 years of export experience, our professional staff does the job right. Providing clean documentation and prompt service are hallmarks of our business approach.

Blue North Trading Co. Service
Whether selling our own production or sourcing seafood from other fisheries, we remain committed to quality product and quality service

Blue North Trading Co. Philosophy
The old saying “the harder we work, the luckier we are” describes our business style. Creating long term relationships is the heart of our labors. Business cycles rise and fall but relationships endure. Reputation is our greatest commodity – hard won but easily lost. Dedicated professionalism, hard work and a solid reputation – our recipe for success

Our Products
From our production or other fisheries, please contact us for up to date information regarding seasons, availability and current pricing. With competitive freight contracts in place, we can offer product delivered reasonably to your preferred destination. We offer personalized service from the fishing grounds to your facility.

Quality Seafood from the North Pacific
J-cut and collar bone on Pacific cod
J-cut and collar bone on pollock
Greenland halibut – H&G&T
Greenland halibut heads
Skate wings
Pacific salmon – pink, chum, coho, sockeye, king
Albacore tuna – blast frozen/ bled and brine frozen
Pacific halibut
Pacific whiting
California squid – loligo opalescence
Pacific cod by-products – roe, milt, stomachs & heads



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