Xian – Ning Seafood Co., Ltd.



Xian – Ning Seafood Co., Ltd.
Address: 254 M.7 T.Banlam A. Banlam Phetchburi 76110 , Thailand.
Tel: (66:032)450-335-6 ,4503-336-7
Fax: (66-032) 483-356, 450-338
Email: xianningthai@xianningthai.com
Website: http://www.xianningthai.com

History and Location
Xian-ning Seafood company limited is the cooperated company between Thailand and Taiwan. It was established in 1996 with Initiated register find of 100 million baht. The investment is Supported by Brood of Investment (BOI) to produce prawn (crustacean) and frozen seafood.

The factory is located in Petchaburi province with the area of 64,000 square meters, the factory covers the area of 5,600 square meters. There are 1,000 employees. The factory contains progressive machines and technology with modern and effective production process including 30 years experience In frozen industry. Therefore, Xian-ning Seafood company limited is certified by the standard ISO 9002 in quality control and service. This leads to the international market which is trusting by our customers and the main global markets.

The frozen seafood production process is different from other product production. Besides quality consideration and consumer safety, our factory meets the expectation of safety control standard rules of international organizations, trading partner countries and related organizations in the country and consumer. For this reason, the factory needs close control of very level of the production process for the consistent qualified and safest food production

To advance the production and management standard , the factory has the production process from professional personnel. Furthermore, having modern machines and progressive – standardize technology , systematic work and hygienic work process, and strict training make us approved by HACCP for The safety system. This is accredited internationally of the Non-toxin and pathogen product of our factory especially from prawn exporter and global seafood product.


Raw Shrimp
Shrimp of our company is fresh from natural source, safe from toxin and artificial substance. The company concerns for safety before reaching our customers, thus we have good production and frozen process that make our cooked shrimp fresh.

Cooked Shrimp
Xian-ning has different kinds of boiled shrimp from the best raw material selection. We boil it with modern machine and have QC to check for suitable temperature. Our shrimp could be cooked in variety of menus both hot and cold serve. There is no need to be worried about applying the product when cooking.

Frozen Tilapia
The company has Frozen Tilapia which is another product from fish. It is sliced fish that passed the raw material selection process from fish farm controlled by experts from the very beginning of raising process through the delivery process to the factory. It also passed the verification team QC and was sliced by our modern and effective machine. It is easy for you to cook in different forms

Shrimp that the company brings to apply for cooking is good quality shrimp which pass the selection process and improvement of taste formula to be produced as prepared food. You could immediately consume it after warning. There are several taste to choose from scampi as your flavor as following.
1. Original
2. Caesar of Italian Teste
3. Fiesta
4. Greek Lemon

At Xian-ning Seafood ,we have different production process which include everything in the market. We can produce frozen prawn ,butter plated prawn, boiled prawn , sliced fish, crumbed fish, butter plated fish and By products from fish skin for Premium frozen seafood products market. We have new innovation of production which leads us to goods value added lines. We are totally committed a goods quality and well know for a frozen food exporter.



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