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Narong Seafood Company Limited
Head Office: 5/4-6 Moo 4 , Seatakit RD. T.Nadee A.Muang Samutsakorn 74000 Thailand
Tel: (+66)-34-424605, 424669
Fax: (+66)-34-423910

Company Profile
POISED FOR GREATER GROWTH We are extremely pleased and proud that an enterprise as young as Narong Seafood Co Ltd has progressed rapidly in such a short time. And it is an even greater pleasure for us because the company has contributed considerably to Thailand’s economic prosperity.

In fact, Thailand’s remarkable growth of exports, particularly seafood, in recent years is one source of success. Thailand today is the world’s largest producer of canned seafood. Since 1985, the country has been the leading exporter of canned tuna. Currently, Thailand is among the world’s top exporters of frozen prawn, estimated to worth nearly 20 billion baht annually. Export prospects for other Thai frozen seafood also rate highly. Thailand is now a leading fishing nation. Thais has not come by chance but a solid foundation based on quality improvement, price competitiveness and customer satisfaction. As a result, we at Narong Seafood are obliged to set exceptionally high standard in all aspects of our production and marketing.

Since its establishment in 1985, Narong Seafood Co.,Ltd. had cosistently focussed on quality control , hygien , efficiency, reliability, cost effectiveness, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction the very reason why narong seafood. Remains a highly reputable company for customer worldwide.

Narong Seafood’s head office is located in Samutsakorn. The company has two modern manufacturing factories, located in mahachai, Samuntsakorn Province, and in Hat Yai , Songkhla Province. Narong Seafood is affiliated with Narong Canning Co.Ltd., a leader in the fish canning industry.

In order to ensure that it products are on a par with the stringent standards of the global market and futher upgrade its quality standards, the company decided to implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. With the dedicated efforts of staff at all levels, the company decided to implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. With the dedicated efforts of staff at all levels, the company’s Mahachai plant successfully attained its ISO 9001:2000 from SGS Yarsley on 25 March 2002 while its Hat Yai facility has been ISO 9002-certified since 2001.

Our Products
Narong Seafood Co.Ltd. Processes various kinds of seafood product, including shrimp, fish, squid and cuttlefish, for its customers world wide. Its major markets include Japan , Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

To meet the needs of customers in today’s fast – changing world, where “time is money”, the company also offers value-added products. This kind of product meets the requirements of this hurried era and, at the same time, provides food that is both varied, tasty and easy to prepare. Realising that such a value – added line of product is at the vary crest of what is increasingly becoming the wave of the future, Narong Seafood is focussing on this area via carefully planned expansion. Its value-added products include breaded whole shrimp with heads on, breaded big – eyed scad.

– Shrimp
– Fish
– Squid
– Cuttlefish
– Seafood Mix



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