Thai Ocean Venture Co., Ltd.



Thai Ocean Venture Co., Ltd.
Address: 64/213 Moo7, Anupasphuketkan Rd., T.Ratsada, A.Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand
TEL: (+66) 7625 2582-5
FAX: (+66) 7625 2597

History of Thai Ocean Venture
Thai Ocean Venture Co.,Ltd brings the world of various and best tuna product to meet both Western and Eastern style,with strictly quality control and best hard working team to responsible our product quality,the founding principle and Management Philosophy As:
1. To create an organization targeting perpetual development and growth.
2. To raise talents with sense of internationalism in the border-less age.
3. To develop and aim for new and safe value aided product.

Fish caught by longline method only.And dolphin safe. Boat must be out for maximum 18 days. Tuna must be stunned, bled, killed and place in an ice slurry to bring the core temperature down as quickly as possible. The fish Must remain in ice slurry until they are landed and graded in the factory. Temperature should be checked at the books and fish transported to the factory either covered by ice.

On arrival at the factory temperature must be rechecked. Any fish with temperatures above 4 c ํ must be rejected. The fish received must be grade looking for specific quality attributes Grading must include colour. smell texture and presence of parasites. Every fish should smell fresh with no detectable off odour Processing.the company specializes bases.

For casing on the supply premium quality such as STEAK, SAKU, LOIN, POKE and high VALUE NUTRIENT by MILLING, SKEWER, FISH ROLL ETC. Policy of TOV to concern quality from raw material after catching during process keeping and sending to customer under GMP and HACCP system. Company strives to Provide regular trainning programme for staff with strong foundation a competent management team.

Thai Ocean Venture Co.,Ltd. has also been granted quality approval by many well-established associations, including the

– Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
– Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
– U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
– U.S.Department of Commerce (USDC)



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