Sotra Fiskeindustri AS



Sotra Fiskeindustri AS
Address: Porsvika, 5381 Glesvær, Norway
Phone: 56 32 79 00
Fax: 56 33 84 97

Contact one of us

Manager: Kjell Inge Eide
Phone:+47 906 12 164

Accounting: Lilian Skjøtt
Phone: +47 911 84 287

Produksjonsleder Røykeri: Audun Foldnes
Phone: +47 908 55 686

Logistic/office smokery: Borghild Foldnes
Phone: +47 918 72 472

Production manager Filet & Slaughthouse: Roger Aspen
Phone: +47 934 93 737

Logistikk / Emballasje Slakteri: Rune Stensrud
Phone: +47 957 22 811

Logistics filet: Jon Inge Telle
Phone: +47 908 91 061

Quality and IT: Svein G Forland
Phone: +47 911 84 293

Techincal manager: Tommy Blikberg
Phone: 907 27 259

Production Department
Our production department handle fresh and frozen salmon and trout. It takes around 1-2 hours from the time the fish is being delivered by the boats until the fish is packed, frozen and ready to be shipped.

Our quality department is continuously working with food safety, quality and fish welfare.

Some keywords we daily stribe for:
– Traceability.
– Education among our employees.
– Fish Health.
– BRC, Global Gap, etc..
– Good operation practices.
– Good exception management.
– Good dialogue with the authorities.
– Customer support.
– Annual revisions to help ourselves improve.

Sotra Fish industry have a large quantity of products. Our main focus is always quality. Today we have four main departments.

Sotra Fiskeindustri delivers fresh and frozen fillets of the highest quality. We have top modern facilities with modern filet and trim machines. The process is almost 100% automated. This allows us to keep constant high quality and food safety.

We provide:
– Post Rigor
– Pre Rigor
– Fillet Trim Guide

Smoked salmon
Our smoked salmon products are marketed globally under the brand Sotra Seafood AS. Since the early 1980’s we have exported our products worldwide. Traditional taste with modern production is what characterizes our smoked products.

We provide:
– Cold smoked
– Hot smoked
– Gravlax
– Marinated

Slaughterhouse and freezing
At the slaughter- and freeze pack departments we produce fresh and frozen salmon and trout. With six holding pens we can allocate the fish in a good way to ensure both quality and the health of our products. It only takes 1-2 hours from the fish is brought in by the boats, and until the products are packed and ready for transportation.

We provide:
– Fresh or frozen salmon
– Fresh or frozen trout



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