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Address: Ondernemingenstraat 7, 8630 Veurne, Belgium
Tel: +32 58 33 27 27
Fax: +32 58 33 27 28

The Company
Setraco has been already specialised 25 years in frozen seafood’. The broad range includes both basis products such as ’prawns’, ’fish fillets’, ’crustaceans’, ’mulluscs’ and ’shellfish but also preparations, feign food, tapas… except diepvriesproducten have Setraco also records range in the fresh fish. Take rapidly a look on our product page to explore our broad range!

25 years already!
Setraco – Strong in frozen Seafood – 25 years already!

In 25 years Setraco has developed into one of the fastest growing companies in the international market for deep-frozen fish products. The main headquarters in Belgium directs production units in England and France and co-operates with partners around the world.

Setraco offers a vast range of fish products, including its ready meals and fingerfood recipes, made with carefully selected ingredients. These products find their way into the retail, wholesale distribution, catering and industrial markets either as house brands or under private labels.

Continuous growth
From its earliest beginnings, the growth of Setraco has been rapid. In 1993 this turnover amounted already to € 8,55 million and by the end of the 1997 financial year, the figure had risen to € 17 million. The milestone of € 25 million Euro was reached during the year 2001. In 2011 it had risen up to € 70million.

Setraco NV is a company which activities are concentrated on purchase, sales and distribution of primarily frozen Seafood product.

With regards to the production, storage and transportation of its products Setraco NV is working closely together with either its sister companies Libra Seafoods Processing Ltd (UK) and La Société Nouvelle Gastronomie des Fjords( Fr) or with strategically selected suppliers.These are wherever possible and available IFS/BRC (ISO-22000) certified. Documented conformity with the EU and/or FDA HACCP requirements is a no debate.

Libra Seafoods Processing Ltd is BRC certified and La Société Nouvelle Gastronomie des Fjords has passed IFS-pre-audit end of 2009 and has committed to IFS certification by end of 2010 at the latest.

Setraco NV is taking quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement very seriously and has engaged in ISO:9001-2008 certification . In addition, the ISO9001 standards also require conformity with the regulatory requirements laid down by the Food Safety, Hygiene and General Food Law regulations as a minimum. The latter is ensured through documented management of the outsourced processes.

Because of the above described set-up IFS/BRC certification for Setraco NV itself is not relevant /possible because these standards focus in particular on the operational activities and infrastructure.

Setraco NV is also aware of its responsi bilities in minimising the negative impact on the ecological and social impact of fishery and aquaculture. Setraco NV is trying to deliver its contribution on sustainable fishery and aquaculture through the promotion of internationally developped standards ( MSC, ASC – GLOBAL GAP) . In this respect Setraco NV has also engaged in MSC Chain of Custody – & Naturland- Organic certification, and is an approved member of GOBAL GAP and Iceland Responsable Fisheries.

Frozen Product

01. Seawater Black Tiger prawn
02. Seawater prawns vannamei
03. Freshwater prawn
04. Cold water prawn
05. Seawater prawn
06. Brown shrimp

01. Alaska Pollack
02. Fish steaks
03. Tropical sole
04. Red Snapper
05. Nile Perch
06. Atlantic salmon
07. Pacific salmon
08. Salmon Trout
09. Monkfish
10. Catfish
11. Fish cubes
12. Wok mix
13. Red Mullet
15. Greenland Halibut
16. Cod
17. Saithe
18. Leng
19. Pacific dab
20. Pangasius
21. Haddock
22. Eel
23. Tilapia
24. Plaice
25. John Dory

01. King scallop
02. Kammuschelfleisch
03. Mussels
04. Clam
05. Cockels
06. Froglegs

01. Squid ILLEX
02. Squid LOLIGO
03. Baby Octopus
04. Cuttlefish
05. Octupus



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