Sagor Shrimps Bangladesh Ltd



Sagor Shrimps Bangladesh Ltd
Contact Name: nizamul kabir
Company Position: Quality Assurence Manager (Sales)
Address: 21 miapara road Khulna 91000 Khulna, BANGLADESH
Tel: +880 1782-534004
Mobile (Cell) Phone: +880 171 646 3878
Skype: sagor

We shipment all kinds of black tiger and freshwater shrimps by inspected for USA UK Australia Canada Denmark Netherlands and other country Market…

Fresh Product
Semi iqf iqf and cooked product for fc or nc for buyer reconcilement… we send a quality products from Bangladesh

Frozen Product
Block frozen shrimps Black Tiger Fresh Water Harina Chaka various kinds of Products. Unite weight like 6x4lbs 6×1.8kg  6×1.6kg  6×1.5kg  6×1.4kg  6×1.35ks  6×1.2kg  6x1kg..etc.

Value Added Product
All kinds of Head on Shrimps IQF and Cooked Hlso Pdto P&d Pud Ezp and Skewer shrimps..

Brand Names
we inspected and shipment from – sea gold sea pearl  sea pride  nsfil  white gold kffe mina atlas rain bow sea steat apex and other famous brand from Khulna Bangladesh…

Maximum factory are Brc & i so listed…



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