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Prantalay Marketing Public Company Limited
Address: 1100 Wichianchodok Rd., Mahachai, Samutsakhon 74000 THAILAND

Local customer line: (034) 820-700
HR department: (034) 820-820-465 Ext. 79
Purchasing department: (034) 820-820-625-9
Marketing department: (034) 820-465-6
Accounting and Finance department: (034) 820-597-8

FAX NUMBERS: (034) 821-085 / (034) 820-734

Who We Are
Prantalay Marketing Public Company Limited was founded in 2003 with company registration’s capital of 1 million Baht and has grown to current level of 1 billion baht. The Company produces and markets food products, specializing in frozen seafood products, to suit the changing consumers’ lifestyle under “Prantalay” brand. The company is constantly developing new products with the strength in food innovation to serve consumers who are looking for convenient and best quality products.

To fulfill customer’s needs, the company has been extending the product line from seafood to other meats such as chicken, pork and vegetable, selling under “Pranprai” brand, which tastiness of the menu was put at first priority.

Prantalay Marketing has been listed in the stock market since September 2013.

Vision & Mission
Prantalay Marketing Public Company Limited is dedicated to be a world-class food manufacturer and distributor that meet consumers’ needs, preferences and expectations by providing consistently high quality and innovative foods to people. We are willing to contribute resources to become the top brand in customer’s and shareholder’s mind with the good corporate governance and social responsibility.

Standards, Awards & Achievement

International production standards
The quality of Prantalay production is guaranteed by these local and international production standards and practices;
– Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
– Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
– ISO/IEC 27001:2005 – Information Security Management Systems (ISMS),
– Halal standard for Islamic consumer certified by the Central Islamic committee of Thailand
– Q Mark (Quality Goods Mark), a quality goods sign for agriculture and food products certified by Department of Fisheries,  Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

– 2005 Superbrands Thailand Award  by Thailand Brands Council
– 2009 Platinum ASO-T Thailand Award as a recognition for the company’s high standard in AIDS prevention and supporting Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS management in the workplace.
– 2010 Smoke Free Enterprise Award and Certificate by Association for the Development of Environmental Quality
– “Mobile Meal”, the 3rd prize winner of food category in Design Innovation Contest 2013 (DIC) by National Innovation Agency (NIA), Thailand


Ready to Eat
Prantalay provides a great choice of both frozen and non-frozen ready meal to fit the changing lifestyle of consumers, for instance, Prantalay Rice Soup, Crab Fried Rice, Shrimp Fried Rice, Seafood Basil Sauce&Rice, Stir-fried Spicy Basil Seafood Pasta, Shrimp Wonton, Prantalay Noodle Bowl. We also have Shrimp Ball, Seafood Ball, Fish Ball, Imitation Crab Stick, Cooked White Shrimp and Fish Tofu.   The products are available at Tesco Lotus, Big C & Big C Extra, Tops supermarket, Home Fresh Mart, Gourmet Market, Golden Place, Foodland, Tang Hua Seng, Rimping and top department stores throughout the country.

Prantalay have sushi corner in a lot of major hypermarket and supermarket. The strengths of Prantalay sushi are not only the wide selection, but also 100% authenticity. Prantalay Sushi is made of good quality raw materials under GMP and HACCP standards. The company uses ‘Japonica rice’, which is the Japanese rice variety that has round shape and is particularly used to make sushi. Most Importantly, Prantalay Sushi is hygienic and made fresh daily by well-trained sushi chef. Consumers can find Prantalay Sushi at the leading hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country.



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