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Nordlaks produkter AS
Visitors address: Industriveien 14, 8450 Stokmarknes
Postal address: Boks 224, 8455 Stokmarknes, Norway
Telephone: +47 76 11 81 00
Fax: +47 76 11 81 01

About us
One integrated company, one dedicated owner, no red tape.

Nordlaks was founded in 1989, and is today a fully integrated company producing, processing and selling high quality Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout world-wide. The headquarters is situated in Stokmarknes in Northern Norway, as is the state of the art harvesting- and processing plant. About 420 experienced and motivated co-workers create quality in Nordlaks. Our production facilities are our own, both at sea and on shore. This control over the entire value chain, from ova to finished product, brings us to the forefront regarding traceability, hygiene and quality assurance.

Nordlaks has a strategic geographical location. A short distance to the international airport at Evenes allows our products to reach distant customers in no time. Excellent port facilities makes logistics very effective using sea freight.

There are few places in the world where nature has been so generous with the ingredients that are most important in fish farming. Norway, and especially Northern Norway, has a close position to the North Atlantic Ocean and the clear, cold water from the Polar Sea. In this country, and way north of the Arctic Circle, situated in the vicinity of the dramatically beautiful Vesteraalen, you find Nordlaks. Fresh Arctic sea water, strong currents from the wild tides and low water temperatures creates ideal conditions for our fish farming – without damaging environmental impact.

Food Safety
It begins with clean arctic water. And ends up with superior taste.

Nordlaks produces safe quality seafood from the clear arctic waters of Norway. A conscious choice of good locations, securing the welfare of the fish and clean environments, a balanced number of fish in the cages, correct feeding and frequent and tidy controls result in a healthy and good looking salmon. A continued and thourough quality control in the modern processing facility is also a solid guarantee for producing the most important characteristic of salmon – the unbeatable good taste.

Nordlaks has very high quality requirements in the processing facility. We are working after HACCP quality standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), and we are audited by qualified Food Safety Auditors twice a year.

We have been awarded certification by important international private and governmental institutions, in some cases on behalf of demanding customers.

1) Nordlaks Produkter AS has the approval from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.
The HACCP- and sanitary program is in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s seafood HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123.

2) Nordlaks Produkter AS has the approval from AIB International.
The plant has fulfilled the requirements of the AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety.

To manage these standards Nordlaks Produkter AS has developed and implemented a Quality Manual in the plant. The manual includes:
– Plant information
– List of products
– HACCP-study to identify all Food Safety risks
– Procedures and records from the processing activities



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